1. M

    Directory submission

    Hi I've submitted a new website to search and browse directories and was wondering how long it generally takes to be added?
  2. H

    International SEO

    Hey guys, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me? If I create a French sub directory of a website example "" and submit this in webmaster tools to target France will the French version of the website appear in the search results? The home page of the website will be in...
  3. W

    PHOTO WORLD IRELAND - check this out!!!

    Photo World Ireland | photography in Ireland and photo news Photo World Ireland - magazine for professional and amateur photographers - lots of information about photography, latest news, photography industry news, recent releases, reviews, pictures of equipment and...
  4. N

    website for sale; gimmedat

    The whole website is for sale, its on semi autopilot and Its bringing in about 100-200 per month, let me know if any interest. pr4, 8 years old never dropped, good inbound links, any questions? its a paid directory.
  5. Ciprian

    List of Irish (.ie) directories

    Where could I find a good (and updated, and comprehensive) directories list with .ie extension? Is there a dedicated site for this?
  6. K


    Hi, from where I have to start if i like to learn about SEO for my service. I know there in a lot off posts on this forum but i need to start for some point . What is the first step. My page is new, what is your opinion, how to get good quality links ?Where to get a list of good...
  7. H

    Why Shared Hosting Can Be Bad For The Health Of Your Business

    I receive quite a few calls every day from people whose websites have been hacked and in most cases the situation is exacerbated by the shared hosting plan they've chosen to host their website or websites. Analogy wise, a shared web hosting plan is akin to an open bay college dorm room, or an...
  8. andywozhere

    Wordpress Database Backup Plugins

    What are the best Wordpress database backup plugins or are they all more or less the same?
  9. K

    How important is an IP address in terms of SEO / organic ranking?

    We have this open query on this moroccan website remodel. Moroccan web hosting companies are not the easiest to deal with. The service is low quality. So the client is requesting to change the hosting to another provider But if outside of Morocco we shall lose our Morocco IP address. How bad...
  10. W

    Just launched our new design for Ireland's Wedding Website

    Hi, Just to let you know thant we have redesigned our wedding website , it is broken down in to few main areas wedding suppliers directory , wedding forums where brides and grooms to be will be able to take part in wedding discussions and wedding chat, about their upcoming...
  11. EggDesign

    Opencart multistore setup & SSL

    Hi guys Im using Opencart to set up a multistore which could have up to 20 stores under 1 installation of opencart using different domains (not sub domains). How does this work with SSL certs? I want to have different themed checkouts on each store but they will be using the same system if...
  12. Xarzu

    Differences between Linux and Windows Server

    I have been studying a web site that uses ASP.NET and so it resides on a Windows Server but it also uses some JScript so it is worth studying. Anyway, I am moving it to a Linux server and I have noticed some differences in the way it handles files. First of all, the Windows Server is not case...
  13. J

    List of Irish Directories

    Hey guys i taught i'd help out with a list of irish directories where you can submit your website to. However they are not all free, some you will have to pay to list your website. Irish directory Ireland - Irish Information Guide Web Directory Irish Information, Forums, Free Classified Ads...
  14. J

    New domain and site or Old Site for enhanced web directory?

    I've an idea for an Irish web directory but I am not sure yet if I should use a category killer domain name for the site (does exactly what it says on the tin) or an existing site (12 years old) with web directory section. The existing site has PR but the new domain name is an exact match for...
  15. K

    Page Ranking only 2 any advice

    Hi guys, My PR is a measly 2, I've tried and tried and tried but am getting nowhere. I've read so many posts about increasing backlinks but find myself going round in circles or blindly trying things but not knowing if I'm getting any benefit. Can anyone give me a Dummy's Guide type advice to...
  16. D need some feedback please

    Hi everyone, This is the first site of this size I have built and designed from scratch (normally I would use an out of the box script and design the layouts myself). I have been working it for a while now and I feel its time to start getting some feedback on design and usability from the gurus...
  17. N

    Website not appearing - maybe flash?

    Hi guys, I have worked some SEO on my own website but I seem to be hitting a wall. The site is Guesthouse Donegal - B&B Guesthouse Accommodation in Donegal - Restaurants Letterkenny It is about 4 months old now but even when i type some of the content into search engines, the website is...
  18. L

    Stuck optimising wordpress website

    I have a wordpress website but I am having trouble getting it found on the search engines. I have SEO plugins added however even when I type some of the key phrases or sentences from the website, It shows websites where I have links or directory links but the website itself cant be found. I...
  19. mneylon

    Configuring SuPHP - Keep Getting An Error

    I've been trying to setup SuPHP on one of my servers but keep running into an error .. No matter what I do I get an error about suPHP_UserGroup Syntax error on line 4 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/xxxxxx: Invalid command 'suPHP_UserGroup', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included...
  20. J

    [Full-time] Senior Systems Administrator at Ajaz Qureshi

    Location: Dublin URL: Description: Salary: 40k – 50k per annum on a pro rata basis Location: Dublin City Contract: 9 Months An exciting 9 month contract has arisen for an experienced Systems Administer to join a leading software provider based in Dublin City. As the...
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