1. M

    SEO Post

    I was reading a post on this forum some time ago about how to design your website so that it would be seo friendly. It mentioned the amount of characters in each heading and metric tags h1 & h2, bold italics. Sprinkling keywords on each page. I'm unsure what any of this means but was hoping...
  2. C

    Freelance Multilingual SEO's

    I'm looking to find out if anyone knows where one might find Freelance Multi-lingual SEO's. I've put a shout out on Twitter and Facebook but I'm not having much luck. Basically I'm looking to outsource some link building and localisation for directory submissions, content syndication (with...
  3. L


    HI, I have spent the last couple of weeks setting up my site on various directories (basically free listings) and when I check backlink checkers none of them are appearing as registered - so after all my effort my backlinks look really small! Please advise - I must be missing a step!! Thanks Loui
  4. D

    Review please. SalesD.Com mixture between directory and social media

    I would love to hear from members here, what you think of SalesD.Com. I have to explain the concept, so you know why I designed it so. The idea behind the site is i saw there was a gap between social media, classifieds and directories. On facebook businesses promote their business to people who...
  5. bearaman and for sale.

    Hi All, Getting out of the web business so selling two nice domains that I have parked. Open to offers. Thanks, J.
  6. F

    New Blog Directory for Everyone!

    A new blog directory is in beta version and inviting everyone to list their blogs, provided that they comply with the Blog Submission Guidelines. It aims to list all high quality blog sites on extensive range od categories, if you own a blog, add them now at
  7. T

    Sharing of Articles and Copyright

    I have a forum and some of the posters post articles from other websites that are on-topic for the forum we run. The members who post them always posts a link to the article source and they sometimes either post the full article or sometimes a few paragraphs. What i ask is it legal to post...
  8. mneylon

    Off the Shelf Apps for Promotions etc on Facebook?

    Can anyone recommend an off the shelf solution for running promotions / competitions etc., on Facebook? I've looked at several including Interactive Promotions for Brand Marketing by Wildfire Promotion Builder | Wildfire Interactive, Inc. Powerfully Simple Facebook Applications | North Social...
  9. S

    public html directory

    I think I know the answer to this but just to be on the safe side I want to confirm it here. When you store images outside the public_html directory, then you can NOT display these images like this: <img src="../../../not_public_html/images/photo.jpg"> or like this <img...
  10. S

    Google Places Rank Checker Software

    Has anyone came across a good software tool that checks a Google Place Page ranking for multiple keywords without having to manually go through the search results? I've tried a few like Local Rank Tracker but they either just don't work or the results are inaccurate. Thanks
  11. W

    Shell script failing, can't open log file

    Hi folks, I'm trying to run a shell script via cron tab but it's not working. I have redirected stdout to a log file and have also redirected stderr to another logfile. I can see the error and log files via ftp but I can't open them - I get ftp error 550 (file or directory doesn't exist) The...
  12. T

    Setting up a mail server with postfix, webmin and debian?

    Hi i am new enough to managing a vps server but i know some of the basics using SSH and webmin. I have a problem with my email being sent from my server ending up in the spam folder of gmail. I have two domains and both are registered with namecheap so i can use there DNS to host my domains...
  13. T

    Link building tips for directory owners

    This is an article i wrote on my blog, it shows ways of building back links whether for a directory or a website, although its targeted at directory owners, but you can take away some basic tips. The best way to build quality back links is to register with forums and post with your link and...
  14. mneylon

    New Coupon / Discount Site

    Save on Shopping Online in Ireland, UK, Europe with Fresh Coupon Codes Discount Shopping Fresh Coupon Codes The concept isn't exactly original :)
  15. H

    Free Games Directory

    If you have gotten game related website, you are welcome to submit it to our brand new computer and video games directory free of charge. The directory is a part of a well established computer and video games website called gamesareus. Your site description should be between 60 and 100 words...
  16. K

    Is DMOZ still relevant?

    Are dmoz links still relevant, or is it just dying a slow death?
  17. J

    [Part-time] Microsoft Certified - Parttime / fulltime / Remote Freelance. Australia a

    Location: URL: Description: Microsoft Certified – Parttime / fulltime / Remote Freelance. & later sponsorship to Australia possible. Microsoft Certified Professional Engineer Ongoing Work We are looking for an experienced IT professional/Network Engineer to join our...
  18. C

    Funeral cost comparison website Irelands first funeral cost comparison directory for funeral planning, funeral arrangements, funeral price and funeral costs comparison website. I have thought and launched this special website for the family members of the deceased during those stress fulltimes. In...
  19. P

    Web Catalogue

    Hi All, There is a new website (well, it is couple of weeks old, but mainly is new). The main aim of it is to gather Irish based businesses. Totally free of charge. Let me know if you think sth is missing or sth could be improved.
  20. andywozhere

    URL Structure

    I'm having a URL conundrum. I was wondering what people thought was a better URL: /events/comedy/festivals/name-of-festival or /events/name-of-festival The former is more descriptive, but quite long. The latter is much snappier, but not as descriptive. I'm inclined to think the longer URL is...
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