1. Viewsta

    How do I get the first 1000 views on YouTube? - reliable service for getting views on your YouTube videos. We do not use bots, but sell high-quality live views with low audience retention. We give views in any volumes and for any GEOs. Minimum top up is just $5! Also we are giving a chance to test our service for free so you can...
  2. Tube.Biz

    Tube.Biz | YouTube views from $2/1K | API | GEO Targeting | Free views

    BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS Tube.Biz - YouTube views provider. We deliver only high quality non-incentive non-bot real human views, that don’t break YouTube’s policies. That’s why buying views from us is completely safe for your account. Our services and prices Worldwide YouTube Views - [0-24 Hours...
  3. S

    Session question

    Hi guys I am trying to implement a session check but its throwing a warning as I am tec calling session_start() twice. Basically I have a main.php page that has a ajax call to ajax.php page. I want to access the session in both the main.php page and ajax.php page however to do this I have...
  4. D

    Could Snapchat really be

    Women's rugby world cup 2014 Live Stream 2014 Women’s Rugby world cup Live Stream New Zealand Black Ferns vs ireland Live Stream England vs Spain Live Stream South Africa vs France Live Stream Wales vs Australia Live Stream USA vs Kazakhastan Live Stream canada vs samoa Live Stream
  5. Datacol

    Datacol - versatile website extractor for IWF members at half price!

    Datacol5 is a Windows program developed for automated website information harvesting. On the video below you can find out how Datacol5 can help you while: - analyzing online classifieds; - monitoring product prices; - filling online shop; - posting web site and discussion forum; - other...
  6. K

    Has anyone else had success with videos not just on YouTube?

    was using video affiliate marketing on YouTube, but I decided to try this new thing from Modulates | Video recorder | Video Player | Cloud CDN Hosting | Video Affiliate Network | Video Analytics | Social Media Tools. They can host your video in a cloud and I can add custom text to my video. Has...
  7. nauert

    Virtually free traffic with uvioo

    There's a lot of controversy about this site on the internet. Many people are trying to make money sharing YouTube videos at UVioo(you view) and getting angry because they aren't getting paid due to the fact that they are not generating enough traffic to cash out with the program. I did some...
  8. B

    YouTube - Flash Mob (Les Mis Inspired)

    Hey Marketeers!! New member posting!! :tennis: Did anyone hear/see this amazing Les Miserable inspired Flash Mob that took place in Leopardstown Race course 15/08/2013 Betdaq Flash Mob - YouTube What you guys/gals think!? Thanks..
  9. B

    Flash Mob (Les Miserable Inspired)

    Hey Marketeers!! New member posting!! :tennis: Did anyone hear/see this amazing Les Miserable inspired Flash Mob that took place in Leopardstown Race course 15/08/2013 Betdaq Flash Mob - YouTube What you guys/gals think!? Thanks..
  10. mneylon

    Desktop Application To Manage Youtube Videos?

    Does anyone know of any desktop applications that can help you manage Youtube videos? Basically want something that can help with adding / editing tags, titles and descriptions to a large number of videos at the same time
  11. G

    Having a trump card in Magento eCommerce business

    Having released new extension versions of Advanced Navigation and LightCheckout, which improves the checkout and navigation processes of your Magento stores, GoMage team decides to refresh video of these significant extensions and update it on youtube resource. Please, pay accurate attention to...
  12. mneylon

    Hailo Launched in Cork

    I love this service - hopefully they'll expand to more locations worldwide Hailo Expands Coverage To Cork
  13. R

    Looking for Social media tool?

    Hi I have a query Im looking for a Social Media Engagement Comparison tool free lets say I wanted to track my engagement over all my network platforms but I also wanted to track my competitors engagements as well is there a general tool that will allow me to just enter the URL of any site and...
  14. Amasty

    Promote products in your shop Special Promotions Pro Create personal promotions using customers' account information with Special Promotions Pro. Build customer loyalty with specials based on order history. - 9 additional discount actions for powerful...
  15. Amasty

    As fast checkout as you can imagine

    Easy and rapid checkout process for Mageto. Make your store a place where customers won't even notice how they've completed all checkout steps and received their orders. - Lightning-fast one page checkout process - Better sales conversion and fewer abandoned carts - Ability to combine shopping...
  16. Amasty

    Get 10% off Magento extensions for loving our Earth. It's Earth day!

    Earth Day has come rather unexpectedly. For Amasty this day stands for caring about nature and strengthening people’s unity. Our team came to work without cars, so now it's time to accomplish the 2nd part of today’s mission :) We want to introduce you to TOP 10 countries, where our customers...
  17. J

    teaching web design

    i'm going to be teaching a course in web design. i need to start the students with photoshop, then move onto html / css is there any good set of tutorials that could help me take my students from photoshop basics right the way through to designing and coding their website. I've looked at...
  18. Amasty

    Product Parts Finder

    Create product filters based on key criteria, which help to locate the right products very quickly. Make it easy for customers to find spare parts and components with Product Parts Finder - add year-make-model or similar filters to your website. - Let customers find the right products easily...
  19. Amasty

    Extended Product Grid with Editor

    Add the necessary product attributes and edit product data on the product grid to immensely increase time efficiency of your catalog management process. Read full information about magento extension by Amasty Extended Product Grid with Editor - Add attributes to the product grid. - Individual...
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