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Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by addy, May 10, 2009.

  1. addy

    addy New Member

    Anyone making over a €1000 per month on adsense. Is it still possbile these days? If so, are you targetting America?
  2. louie

    louie New Member

    I don't think you are allowed to talk about how much you earn from AdSense...
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    You can talk about how much you earn, but you're not allowed to get into specifics ie. CPM etc.,
  4. jmcc

    jmcc Active Member

    It is a bit like Fight Club. Except frequently the Adsense publishers get the stuffing knocked out of them when the Google "improves" things.

  5. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    The referrals for firefox and a few other things were nice little earners for a lot of people
  6. Dublin Domainer

    Dublin Domainer New Member

    Could anyone say what's the bottom line the average mini-site (good SEO and content) could be expected to make from AdSense in a day, week or year?
  7. paul

    paul Ninja

    Dublin Domain it all comes down to numbers
    1) how many people click on ads * average value of an ad for that niche.

    You can expect to get a 1-6% CTR typically from AdSense depending on how you do things. So if you have 1000 visitors a day, 6% click ads a day, i.e. 60 people, you make 33 cents a click you would get $19.80 / day, $594 / month (30 day month) , $7,128 / year . Now if only 1% click on ads your $7,128 would be closer to $1,188 / year.
  8. Dublin Domainer

    Dublin Domainer New Member

    Thanks for that, Paul. That sounds hopeful. Of course, I know it depends on how I can develop the names, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

    To tell the truth, perhaps it's not very ambitious of me, but I would be glad to hit the lower figure if I can do it with enough mini-sites. I know I have a lot to learn, though.
  9. paul

    paul Ninja

    No prob Dublin Domainer, the hard part is getting the 1k uniques. Also for an idea about the value of your market have a look at the google keyword tool and factor in 0.3 - 0.6 of the click price for what you can expect to get from a keyword. As you would expect ads for things like ecards, myspace tools, twitter aps, won't bring as much as mortgage advice or laywers who do some weird and obsure cases. Ad value can be as low as $0.01 and as high as a few dollars.
  10. jmcclements

    jmcclements New Member

    I have made approx 16k ($) form Adsense so far mostly from my photo web site -

    Of late it has been a bit harder.

    My best ever month was just over $1000, but last month (May 2009) was just $263.

    Maybe around a year and a half ago my earnings fell by about 50%.

    To be honest this had to happen as advertisers were paying *silly* amounts for traffic from my site that (probably) didn't convert!

    It does vary as said how much you get for clicks depending on the subject - if you are just starting out - do a bit of keyword research first using :
  11. azukaonyenso

    azukaonyenso New Member

  12. waynewex

    waynewex New Member

    I used to make $3 on a small site I setup and forgot about. It was nice getting a random adsense cheque every now and again. Stupidly, I didn't work on it and let the domain go (PR 3) and decided to setup a newer site, which failed to get the same search results.
  13. Niche

    Niche New Member

    Going back to the initial question. it's possible to earn $1000 a month with adsense. Problem is the people who are making a decent amount with adsense are not making a big noise about it, at least most aren't. SO the only feedback adsense newbies get are the low earnings or people trying to sell a product.

    Adsense is a seriously solid and lucrative business. Just keep your head down, work on generating content and getting links. Try and stay white hat, no hanky panky and you should get some decent results
  14. TerryGorry

    TerryGorry New Member

    Yes, You Can Make Good Money With Adsense

    Yes, you can make good money with Adsense.

    It is a simple online business model but the big investment is your time-you will need to spend a lot of time at it.

    The key to doing well is keyword research in the first place and an exact match domain name is a great asset in the early stages to give you some momentum.

    As you progress you can then improvise and can introduce Amazon products where your ctr is low to address the lack of relevant ads on your site.

    You can also flip your site-I recently sold one for $2000 and a handful of other sites for an average of $200. (There is a huge market out there for sites as many people have the dream of making money online)

    I am currently writing a series of posts on one of my sites about building niche sites and utilizing Adsense and Amazon to scale up a proper online business.

    I am not sure whether I can post a link to my site so if I can please let me know,if not I will let you know by PM.

    I make nice money with a stable of niche sites but can only work for about 3 hours per day as I am a solicitor by day-I have a week off this week..:)

  15. davidbrett

    davidbrett New Member

    I have a site that earned affiliate commission only up to now. It is around for a couple of years and has reasonably good monthly traffic. I added Google Adsense to the site this month and it looks like it will earn €300 in its first month. I was surprised that it did so well and should have added this earlier. However the site was successful without adsense as it already had good visitors and regular bookings/commissions. Adsense is a good way of getting additional revenue from a site that has traffic but the site needs to have a purpose independent of adsense.
  16. ThatMichaelKid

    ThatMichaelKid New Member

    Let's put it this way, you can make however much you want, but it is all determined by how much you want to put your effort into it. If you put enough effort into it, then you can make quite a bit, if you're smart about it, you can make even more. You've got to put more than 100% into it, so it means focusing on one thing.
  17. dota2hook

    dota2hook New Member

    Well jmmcelements, 1000 a month is pretty much Win, even 250 would make me happy. With about about 100 Visitors daily, i manage to get about 10 per month on . So i just need to get 100 Times More Visitors Monthly... :D
  18. tashalb

    tashalb New Member

    verification letter

    I did not get verification letter, I have a big problem that.
  19. jmcclements

    jmcclements New Member

    It ain't easy. But I sold my old photo web site - a year ago.

    Here's some info about what I made and how I made it up until I sold it :-

    How To Make £20,000 From Some Average Photos & The Google Display Network (AdSense)… :: Google Adwords Northern Ireland, Belfast & Newtownards – Pay Per Click Consultants

    The old site was hand coded html and was getting to be a right pain to update, so it had to go.

    I've since started a new wordpress based photo web site - which is a hell of a lot easier to update, but so far my best month has seen AdSense earnings of around £22 (after about 1,000,000 hours of effort being put into it).

    I was in 2 minds about whether to bother with a new photo web site. Put it this way - if I didn't enjoy taking photos I wouldn't be doing it. It's still nice to get regular payments into your bank account without having to deal with customers all the same...
  20. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Those earnings are impressive.

    How is traffic and earnings going on the new venture now?

    How are you driving traffic to the new site?

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