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I am not sure if I can post link in my post body since I don't have lots of posts. There is a tool that I've been using for quite a while it is very effective in checking back-links. It's known as Back-links Watch. All you have to do is to Google that term and you'll find it.
Google Webmaster, Open site Explorer, Yahoo Explorer, SEO spyglass. I use all 3 of the first when verifying backlinks...just because they all show different stats. and I use spyglass to check out competitors backlinks
You can check the backlinks with Google Webmaster Tools. I suggest Ahrefs and SemRuch. Our Online Marketing team uses these tools to analyze the backlinks.
If you wanna to check the back links of a site there are so many options available in the market. but I think Rank-signals is the best among the all to check the back links of a site for free. And if you wanna to move through the paid sites than semrush is best among all.


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There are many sites available by which you can check the backlinks. Some are paid and some are unpaid. Below is the list of tools and websites.
1. Moz
2. ahref
3. SEMrush
4. Open site explorer
5. majetic Seo etc.


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You can get the various sites which provides their tools for backlink checking. Like Moz, SEO spyglass, Majestic SEO, open site explorer, semrush etc.
Some of the backlink checker tools are:
1. Majestic SEO
2. SEMrush
3. Backlink Watch
4. Open Link Profiler
5. Google Webmaster tool
6. Rank Signals.
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