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    I have spent the last couple of weeks setting up my site on various directories (basically free listings) and when I check backlink checkers none of them are appearing as registered - so after all my effort my backlinks look really small! Please advise - I must be missing a step!!

  2. deadmix

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    free listing take a while to appear and give a good results, if your website is PR0 for exemple it's will take longer... try the bookmarking websites it's more flexible... and for free directory listing i advice : onewaytextlink Dot com
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    Thanks for your reply
  4. Loui2011

    Loui2011 New Member

    thanks for your reply - will keep going & wait and see how it improves
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    Link checkers never show all the links to a site. Just because they are not showing does not mean there are not indexed by Google. It could take months for them to show up. My advice is to keep plugging away and you will see movement in the serps regardless of any links showing.
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    I'm having a similar problem and I was wondering if you can tell us what time frame are we talking about here? A week? A month?
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    very very thanks !
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    Free Backlinks

    I am a big user of free backlinks. It's a time consuming process, but with a bit of patience your hard work will pay off. Go through all the forums regarding best free do follow backlinks and you will find enough info to last you forever!. Remember results will not be instant and quick, but you must look at this as a long term project and it is important the links are links that will stick long term. My seo guy always says to me, patience, patience, patience and you know what, he is always right. My best advice is always do a little and often backlink work, that way you should not be penalised by big brother Google.

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