Bing Ireland Search Question

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Hi, our business website is for Irish street advertising. But it will not show in the 'Ireland only' bing search despite good rankings in the general listing for our keywords.

How can I get the site included in the Irish listings?

Woops, should have posted this in the SEO forum, could a mod move it for me please. Much love.


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Yes and no
Yes in that you can put plenty of text on the site that indicates it's targetting Ireland
No if Bing is using geotargetting based on the site's location ie. its hosting - I've no idea if they do or not
Have you logged into Bing Webmaster tools and changed the location?

I believe bing supports these tags/uses them as hints in determining your location.

<meta http-equiv="content-language" content="en-gb" />

<meta name="country" content="gb/uk" />
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