Bing - What do you all make of Bing?

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Bing is Microsofts new SE!


The US version is slightly different to the UK version and I am at time of writing not sure of the status of any .ie version!

But what do you make of Microsofts new SE, which is partly an updated version of MSN / Live though faster and from my expereince so far even faster than Google when it comes to giving it's results?

The initial reports are it has, during first month of launch already beaten Yahoo by becoming the second most popular SE in many places. How long that will continue only time will tell of course, and whether it's initial succcess will have any large impact on Google 70 to 80% dominance only time will tell.


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My sites perform well so I like that ;-) I don't see that it is really any better or worse than other engines. I think in order for it to succeed there must be a compelling reason for people to use it instead of Google.


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Bing is just rebranded and redesigned more or less. Some of the old features are now being noticed though :)

I like the homepage with changing images. I am definitely willing to try their adcenter service now.


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I can type the word "google" really really fast. Oh there'd be way too much zig zagging on the keyboard, and [insert here other transparent excuse why I won't support Micro$oft]

Then again it's one evil against another....on one side we have a company who can tell us what we ate for breakfast and another that wants to take our breakfast money.


The search results are not as good as Google's, but at last Microsoft have something more marketable than the mess that was MSN/Live Search/Windows Live Search, so the potential is big. Bing has already overtaken Yahoo.


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Early days yet but I suspect Bing is'nt giving the same priority to blogs that Google does. MS are still ironing out bugs in the way they index pages though so the jury is still out.

One problem for example is that in some cases they're indexing the xml sitemap instead of the blog post itself!

I don't think they'll be blowing $80m on promoting it quite yet.


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Don't think it will ever rival Google or even make decent encroachment. Its Live rebranded as someone else pointed out and their user share percentage was already losing out to Google. Personally I'd love to see it do well as Google is almost a monopoly at this stage but traffic wise to sites I operate (even ones that rank well on Bing) its not worth me focusing 2 seconds of my time on. Same with Yahoo, Cuil and all the rest. Perhaps and hopefully that will change and maybe Bing will shake up search- but have my doubts.


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Yea... used it for three days, but actually got fed up because it had that "Ubuntu for free instead of XP feel" that people often mention. (I do prefer Ubuntu ironically), but Bing is just Google with nice backgrounds and an image info search, besides haven't we given King Bill enough?


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Its too early too tell that Bing is not as good as yahoo.If Google's algo is as simple as bing all my sites would really really do well.All my keywords are #1 in Bing.:)


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There is a facebook group called

"BING = Because It's Not Google"

You have to feel for all those conceptulated marketeers and PR gurus who locked themselves away for weeks and paid themselves a fortune to work on the rebrand. Then some whizz comes up with "Because It's Not Google" :)

........unless of course Microsoft intended it this way - nah, one could never give MS that much credit :)


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Bing is actually the worst search engine out there... Just do a search for Gmail and see where it comes, in comparison to a Google search from hotmail, they are so bias they make Gaddafi form of democracy almost look good...

Google Being Fair:
hotmail - Google Search

Bing, Being, Bing:
gmail - Bing

... I do love how they offer every option, including the mobile site to ensure no one thinks Gmail is useful...
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