Cheapest place to buy Adobe software?

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Hi Guys,

Looking to purchase Fireworks CS4 & Dreamweaver CS4 in the next few weeks, where would be the cheapest place to buy them, online or offline?


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My boss got it on eBay for cheaper than the wholesale price he was able to get it in the shop. Online methinks.


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What OS are you?

Upgrade is upgrading from a previous version like CS3 up to CS4/
Main version is essentially new user, new license, no upgrade from a previous version.

The cheapest way to do it (last time I checked) was to purchase a new version CS2 and then Upgrade to CS4 from there and it saves a couple of hundred euro.
When I bought CS3 Web Premium, I got it a good bit cheaper from that it was in the Adobe online store.

Check out both of them for prices to give you an idea...
I think the student version would be a good option to start. You can get the software of ebay like previous posters said or try amazon.
There are many online shopping stores, which provide you online shopping. You may go with eBay, Amazon or you can directly go to Adobe Incorporated to buy your desired software.
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