Coded in Ireland - a movement to encourage local outsourcing of IT

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Myself and a friend started a web design business in january. We're doing ok but have been surprised at the willingness of businesses to outsource their web design/mobile apps overseas. Its a strange phenomenon since we're always encouraged to support the local economy. We buy local, a lot of industries outsourse local, so why shouldn't IT support the local economy? We've started a linked in group called "Coded in Ireland". Please join and add to the discussion. Any web design or dev companies who would be interested in displaying the "Coded in Ireland" graphic on their site, please contact us and we can send you it for free. We will be starting a site displaying all irish companies signe up to the "Coded in Ireland" ethos. Here's the group: Coded in Ireland | LinkedIn
Hey Mark - good idea. That's a good question - we're encouraged to buy local - why don't we?

TBH - I've been involved in so many off shoring projects - and its always been a disaster. Irish Talent is as good as it gets - and probably underrated. I was a software engineer in the 90's and the lack of GAF mentality in some cheaper companies is impossible to work with. Its a false economy. I'm happy to share it on twitter and LinkedIn for you.

Just some thoughts, which I hope may be of help. Buy local is mostly a consumery type thing. Its fine at banana/potato level but businesses are still run by accountant types. Even Microsoft has large centres in India, way bigger than their IE operations. How and ever. The problem with hourly rate/project cost is that it assumes that everyone at the table is equally competent, creative and experienced but the problem is the price. This is never the way it pans out!

Thanks for the reply. Yes buy local does mostly refer to food and physical products. But it also apply to the services industry. However, given IT skills are so easily transferable with email and skype etc, companies cop out and outsource overseas. There's no value put on Irish coders. And you're right, we do have outstanding talent. Hopefully our little movement can help turn the tide in some small way:)