creating qr codes in gif format (or other than png)

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by geordief, May 18, 2012.

  1. geordief

    geordief New Member

    I am a bit new to this but my idea is to print a qr picture onto my bochure.However although I successfully downloaded one onto my PC it only came in a png format and when I converted it to gif it didn't (as you might expect) work on my smartphone.
    I only ask because the publishing program I use (Microsoft Publisher 98) doesn't accept png files and I am not sure how to work around this.
  2. geordief

    geordief New Member

    OK the panick is over.I found another website that was able to do me a qr code in bmp format ( and this time it not only works on the phone but also in Publisher 98 !
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I thought most printers worked with high resolution PDFs?
  4. geordief

    geordief New Member

    It wasn't so much the printing as incorporating it into my preexisting brochure which I have already saved on the computer.
    I think I have used pdf s for printing before but it was a bit in extremis and from scratch as I remember.
  5. mobi83

    mobi83 New Member

    QR Code

    Hi, I can give you access to my own QR Code Generator so you can get them in 4 different formats. If you require custom shape qr codes, this can be done as well. PM me
  6. New Member

    Irfanview is a free piece of software that can convert many image formats.

    Its worth a try.

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