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Discussion in 'Hosting' started by pat102, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    Anyone else having problems with digiweb hosting.
    I have been getting this message at random. going on now for 5 weeks, resulting in half of my active members leaving and going elsewhere.

    Error:Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql1.hosting.digiweb.ie' (2)

  2. nickr

    nickr New Member

    Hi Pat,

    I am also at my wits end with this so called "web host". Seemingly downtime is as important as up time to them. Do a tracert <your domain> and out of interest are you on web1.novara.ie? My site is down again, about the 18th time this month alone, support is non-existant or well "were moving you to an improved server" type rubbish. Fired off an email to their support and also ceo last night, of course their "support" is showing their true colours yet again and no response today. If your fortunate enough to get a reply to your "support" email a few weeks later, expect nothing more than a fobbing off.

  3. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    May thanks for the reply Nick,

    I thought i was going mad, as they keep telling me, no one else is having a problem,

    My hit count has dropped from 120 million per month, to 54 million per month.

    If they don't fix it soon, i wont have a site to host with them.

    I have been looking at other hosts, Any thoughts on Cheap Web Hosting Ireland €1.95 Irish Web Hosting Servers
    It seems very good value at 23 euros per month

  4. nickr

    nickr New Member

    Hi Pat,

    assuming you are on a dedicated server with them? I would imagine for that kind of traffic shared hosting would not be a good idea. Maybe even using a service like Amazon Web Services to host your database may help if you enable caching on your site. My issue is that I would only really get 30/40 unique hits a day, maybe more but usually <100. It's a fairly niche website. So traffic/bandwidth issues are not an issue in my case. It seems that the web1.novara.ie (sites hosted on *.u87.host.ie) have issues with the server, and Digiweb don't seem to be too bothered about it. I have emailed both Digiweb hosting support again and also this time CC'ed their CEO, I will reply to this if I hear back or any progress being made


  5. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Yeah yeah, lots and lots.

    We began moving sites to Blacknight, happy out.

    Last month one clients' site stopped sending lead alerts via e-mail!

    Awful support, no reply to tickets, just useless.

    At least the technical team will admit to that...
  6. nickr

    nickr New Member

    Site was again down on Sunday from 15:00ish. I noticed service gradually restoring at 7:20~am the following day. Completely unacceptable, ohh and still not heard from Digiweb, even though email sent last Thursday... Will likely move when I get some time, it's a lot of hassle I don't need right now though!

  7. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    Only one stoppage this week, which i e-mail them again, and included a screen shot as i always do,
    Its been a very busy weekend on my site, and the site has held up well.

    Fingers crossed.

    I opened an account at the link above, but haven't used it as such,, so i can't say if its any better.

  8. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    My site has been down since 12:00 today,, wish they where at work,, so i could ring,, im in the right form now for a chat.
  9. nickr

    nickr New Member

    My site is down again today. Have taken the bull by the horns and have requested authorization keys for my Digiweb domains. I assume there won't be charges for this due to the hassle experienced with them. I did receive a response from Digiweb after 20!! days for my support email. Completely unacceptable. I will take matters to the small claims court if there is any more messing by them, really getting sick of the downtime and atrocious "support" at this point.

    I'll keep you guys updated!

  10. pat102

    pat102 New Member


    Just got an e-mail,

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to inform you that the migration of your shared hosting account has been scheduled for migration to our new platform in approximately 4 days.

    This is the end of my site i guess,

    Numbers are still down,, so after this carry on,, i won't have bandwidth problems,
  11. nickr

    nickr New Member

    I decided in the end enough was enough and have successfully migrated my domains/site from Digiweb to Blacknight during the week. In fairness, I had no issue getting the authorization keys for the domains from Digiweb, so far so good anyway on the new host. At least Blacknight have proper technical support, unlike Digiweb. Their email support really is scandalous, how does it take 20 days to reply to an support email and to make matters worse a typical copy & paste response was sent. Best of luck with the migration to the new server anyways Pat, hope it solves your problems. If not you could look into changing host, although for a busy forum you would want to ensure the db is in sync for both hosts so you don't loose any data.. :)

  12. jhegarty

    jhegarty New Member

    Well digiweb ate my hamster. Or to be more accurate killed my site with the migration.

    Waiting now to get shell access re-enabled so I can replace their index page with my own. I also have a pile of database error to troubleshoot.
  13. jhegarty

    jhegarty New Member

    Still no progress from them despite 4 tickets and a phone call.

    Guess that makes my decision easy , backing up to move to a new host tonight.
  14. nickr

    nickr New Member

    I recently changed from a MySQL 4->5 package, as the CMS I am using required it. Following Digiweb's support "instructions" this procedure actually wiped out my sites files, replacing the site with the standard hSphere landing page. I won't be blaming Digiweb completely with this one, because in fairness Hsphere did this.
    What I would complain about is the fact support didn't warn me to back up my site prior to changing the domain config, so moving my domain onto the file system automatically overwrote all the data in the siteurl.net folder. Granted I should probably have known this would happen, although I think support should have made this clear. I did have a recent backup of the site so no data loss but I am sure others in the same boat may not backup their site often, if ever :O and the consequences could be severe. I did mention this to support but they were not interested.

    Moved the site and my domains there recently to another host, don't regret it one bit :) .

  15. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Their support can be very slow to reply and sometimes they don't reply at all. I've had a pretty reliable hosting account with them for the last few years but they've recently migrated our account to a new server (oh yeah that always goes well). Anyway for the most part it did go ok but right now we're getting desperately bad wait times from the server and I mean bad. Hopefully it will be resolved soon but reading this thread I'm thinking it might be time to shop for hosting again.
  16. jhegarty

    jhegarty New Member

    I had already moved everything (except email) to a new host before I got a response on my first ticket despite phoning about it.

    In the end the problems were :
    Not all the permissions of the database transferred. First user did but not second.

    The new index.html files that were inserted took preference over my index.php

    Multiviews didn't work on sub-domains. My site used multiviews most of the content, so that was a deal breaker for me.
  17. johnmck

    johnmck New Member

    in the same situation. Own a website that provides a service to customers - makes them money and us money on a daily basis - our site has been down now for 4 days, and Digiweb have stopped responding to support requests. What legal routes can be taken? They are affecting our business.
  18. jhegarty

    jhegarty New Member

    What problems are you having ?

    I might be able to offer some advise after my fun with it.
  19. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    migration has taken place. Site is running 12 out of every 24 hours, so far

  20. eamonmoriarty

    eamonmoriarty New Member

    Sites down. I got a message on 1/6/13: This account has been migrated.
    But I couldn't login to the control panel. (username/password incorrect) Tried to reset password but email never received.
    Unfortunately I renewed my account in April.
    I have accounts with quite a few hosting companies but this is the worst yet - no explanation, no estimated downtime, nothing.
    I managed to speak to somebody on the phone today (Sales) who said that sites were being migrated and were down for "a wee while"!
    Even their own site is down most of the time. Looks terminal.

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