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Discussion in 'Hosting' started by pat102, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Well I've been patient with them for the last week or so since they migrated our hosting account but the server wait time is still a disaster, our customers are complaining they can't connect to their sites or email. Time to abandon ship and do some migrating of my own, if they can resolve things before I can move all websites then I might hold onto the account but we'll see how it goes.
  2. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    Hi all,, I tried to ring digiweb 3 times today, only there sales answered the phone, and i was told, what problems?

    Can anyone recommend a new hosting company for me.
    I did look at blacknight, but it has this limit on connections, :

    The limits on the linux shared hosting plans are as follows:
    Minimus: 50
    Medius: 100
    Maximus: 150

    Im not sure how this would effect me,, as 1 of my pages gets a lot of users.


  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Those are limits on consecutive connections ie. all at the same time

    We also offer cloud hosting and dedicated, so if you need something more ample than our standard shared hosting we have options :)


  4. Tom

    Tom New Member

    At this moment I would recommend anyone over Digiweb. I actually just bought my first cloud hosting from Blacknight today and have started to move websites over to it. I have a minimus too and it runs really well although the site on it isn't really a high traffic website. It depends on your traffic numbers I guess, you could always start low and upgrade later if you need to.
  5. pat102

    pat102 New Member

  6. link8r

    link8r New Member

    So glad we moved to Blacknight - but the other sites that hadn't been moved all went down.

    Glad that Digiweb were able to confirm that our main domain was active. Yes, because it's on Blacknight. The fact they didn't even look it up.

    I love that all the PR is about all about how much money the owner and the company may have made. Well done lads.
  7. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Well over a week of connection problems now, worst hosting outage ever.

    yeah, ok. I think they are going for the industry leading downtime record over the last week or so.
  8. pat102

    pat102 New Member

  9. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

  10. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    yes. I know Michele,

    I still worry your connections limit will effect me,
    Then again, i might never need 50+ connections, as Digiweb have destroyed my site.
    4 years of work gone in 2 months.

    I did try to ring them today, (again) they are back in action again after there 2 weeks break, but as i was number 9 in the que,, i didn't fancy the wait
  11. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Unless your site is very busy you probably won't be impacted by the limit.
    We also offer VPS servers, dedicated etc., so if a standard shared hosting account isn't able to meet your needs there are plenty of other options :)
  12. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Given the "refugee community", to coin/pervert a phrase, I'm sure people some kind, decent folks would be happy to look into helping restore your business
  13. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    I have gone with Blacknight

    Time to rebuild starts now,

    Digiweb can go and get lost.

  14. Daedalus

    Daedalus New Member

    I just thought I'd add my name to the list of people having issues with Digiweb's hosting. I have a number of relatively low traffic sites hosted with them (through host.ie), and in the past year or so I have been having quite a high level of downtime. I'm only a hobbyist web developer, but it seems that around 50% of the times that I go to work on my sites there's a hosting issue. Each time I find it, I write to their technical support through the Novara control panel, and about half the time they reply. Most of the time the reply is a day or two later, and either says that my page is up again so the issue is closed, or that they were experiencing "load issues" and that it should be resolved now. When I ask them what they're doing to prevent it happening, they just say that their engineers are working on it. Half of my mails don't even get a response, and since I don't seem to get an auto-response with a ticket number, I can't follow these mails up with them. Clicking the link for viewing my trouble tickets just brings me to the main "contact us" page.

    Seriously, what sort of load issues could still be going on a year later? Surely their "engineers" have found whatever part of their infrastructure is underspecced after this many months? They used to be good when I started my account with them many years ago, but the past year is nothing short of ridiculous.

    I would have switched hosting earlier but for the fact that a couple of my sites are quite fragile (written in some funky perl with lots of manually set permissions) and so are a lot of work to move. But I've just about had it with these guys now, and am probably ready to devote a weekend or two to setting everything up again elsewhere.

  15. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    Moved, and all working 100% so far.

    Here's a question, Why has boards.ie not crashed.

    They couldn't handle my couple of hundred visitors a day, but they can host boards with there 1000,s of visitors per hour.
  16. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Boards.ie, like most big sites, is not hosted on shared hosting - they have multiple servers for web, DB etc., so they wouldn't be impacted by any issues that impact shared hosting
  17. jonmac

    jonmac New Member

    I am having an absolute nightmare with them. Both websites and email down 5-6 times/day, sometimes up to 2 hours.

    Average waiting time on support line for last 3 weeks is about 90 minutes.
    Response to emails about 8 days. Losing clients on a daily basis.
    When you do get through the level of service is a joke, they are rude, ignorant of what is going on, dont know what they are talking about and act like they are doing you a favour!!

    As I write this Sat 22/6/13 17:35.. all email/websites down, tel support closed, email support ignored, status blog last updated 12th June, online support...they dont have any!!

    What they are doing is migrating/upgrading their servers, hardware and software and basically making a DOGS DINNER of it. No apologies, no updates, no light on the horizon.

    I got a Black Night account and am slowly migrating all my domains over one at a time. The level of support is simply amazing and the speed that sites and emails load is very impressive. Its cheaper! Faster, why didnt I do this years ago.

    Anyone out there looking for hosting, AVOID DIGIWEB LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

    They obviously dont care about their reputation.

    Is there any legal course of action we can take against these guys, I have lost business and more importantly reputation because of Digiweb. Can we join forces??
  18. pat102

    pat102 New Member

    Hi Blacknight

    So, its only the shared hosting that is effected.
    I have tried to ask there support about upgrading etc to stop the problems, but they where very unhelpful.
    The only direct answer they gave me was my number of connections. and i think that was just grasping at straws,

    I have sent a number of e-mails and have had a couple of telephone calls to blacknight support, regarding my site move. and i have to say,, your crew couldn't have been more helpful. Great service.

    Digiweb could learn a lot from you.

  19. jonmac

    jonmac New Member

    Yes only the shared hosting that is effected.
    They migrated to new servers 3 weeks, it was such a disaster they rolled back to old servers after 10 days, but they didn't roll back the database servers or the mail servers, just the hosting servers.

    These new servers cannot handle the load and continue to have problems. But as 90% of my sites are using a database backend the roll back made no difference and sites continue to load at a snails pace. The mail servers cannot handle the load either and are causing timeouts, no matter what email client you use. You might get your email 2 of out 10 attempts, if at all.

    They have absolutely no appreciation of their customer base, I have over 90 clients/business's with little or no email never mind a website.
  20. Daedalus

    Daedalus New Member

    Yes, I started tracking them yesterday with an account at uptimerobot.com (and I should have done it ages ago), and it reported a downtime of 7 hours yesterday. I know it was down for at least 2 hours before that too. 9 hours, really? And that's the second similar spell in the past few days.

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