Do you feel that IT is bad for your health?

Discussion in 'Work / Life Balance' started by mneylon, Nov 30, 2008.


Is the IT lifestyle bad for your health?

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  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Just wondering what others think ...

    Do you think that working in IT has a negative impact on your health?
  2. n3tFl0w

    n3tFl0w New Member

    Definitely! As a sysadmin I'm ridiculously busy and have the most sedentary job on the planet!

    I used to get out to the gym at lunchtimes but then it got too busy, so we didn't get any. Hoping to get back to that routine as its killing me having not been in a couple of months!
  3. louie

    louie New Member

    Second n3tFl0w. Beside gym, add cigarettes + coffee
  4. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Well I don't smoke during office hours Monday to Friday, but I don't get any physical exercise and drink a silly amount of coffee (at least it's good quality!)
  5. nevf

    nevf New Member

    I'm at school, Monday to Friday, so I'm walking around the school with the head in the books, and away from IT. But I find that the only time i get to do anything on the laptop is late at night, so i'm often up until 2am or even later (sometime 4/5am), and then i have to be up again at seven so even lack of sleep affects me. And I work Saturday, so I use the computer all day anyway, but at least I get a bit of exercise around it.

    Then because I know a lot about computers, it's a factor in me being secretary or chairperson on every committee or organisation I'm in, and spend hours every day typing up stuff.

    Then I spend time arsing about on IWF and Boards mainly, but also running around online just researching stuff.

    I get very little physical exercise, and I have no proper office or working area. I have a laptop, a charger, wireless internet, a copy and a pen(or 2) and I just find a free room in my house. I am planning on getting a desk and some stuff in my room now though because i'm getting some serious back problems. Also going to people's houses trying to fix up cables and whatnot behind computers - and it really rips the back to shreds that night.

    That and 4 cups of coffee a day, and maybe even two teas. Friday night is the only night I get out of the house really and get away from 'business as usual'. God bless Friday.
  6. Byron

    Byron New Member

    I'm not too bad, I raise invoices when I get cranky / tired, it cheers me up.

    I suppose I work about 10 hours a week, which if I actually was more efficient could be 3 hours... and I earn enough to make me happy...

    ... hmm I don't exercise alot, but atleast IT is less dangerous than climbing pylons or fishing
  7. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Becareful on the coffee - I ended up getting palpitations after consuming 5-6 cappucino's a day and exagerated hypertension. Hypertension killed my father, so I'm very cautious of coffee (and salt) now.
  8. FrisArvz

    FrisArvz New Member

    Due to demand in works, there are some instances that you might get sick. I remember that day I get sick for a week due to over fatigue in work.
  9. jmemarketing

    jmemarketing New Member

    honestly, i can stay 10hour with out moveing in front the pc and a lot of coffee soda or what ever

    but it's nice :D
  10. stephen186

    stephen186 New Member

    I used to feel IT is bad when i was working as a medical transcriptionist and working almost 10 hours.........with continuous hearing, typing.........but when i quit medical transcription and joined internet marketing, i cannot expect my life with IT>.
  11. Sun

    Sun New Member

    It saved my mind and gives me something to do when the child sleeps at night… it doesn’t fill the gap of loosing a spouse but somehow it has helped in the grieving process.
    God bless the internet and IT!
  12. cmba138G

    cmba138G New Member

    In my opinion, it is not bad for my health. Well, the first thing you have in mind is to have a balance time. A time for yourself, loved ones, and other things you need to do. I used to be very hook up playing an online game but I realized that I need to balance my time. Balance in every thing is the keyword in having a happy IT life!
  13. GimmeDat

    GimmeDat New Member

    Blaming your computer/job for poor health choices is lame. Sorry!
  14. synapsis

    synapsis New Member

    All I do in school is read health based journals and they know it is bad for your health. Depends on the degree you balance it with life outside of work. For example, if you just come home and go on the net again or sit around inactive, your going to be in bad health very soon if you are not already. However, if you get out of work and decide to do more social things and get involved in sports of some sort, you'll have a balance and won't be prone to as many health defects. True story ;)
  15. Gossip Junkie

    Gossip Junkie New Member

    I do. I always get headache and backache after working in front of PC for 8 hours. But I don't have a choice, its my job, its my way of living.
  16. New Member

    Yes it does but, if your a responsible, motivated adult you can schedule some recreational/fitness time. Also, eat well.

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