Do you spend too much time in front of your computer?

Do you spend too much time in front of a computer?

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I think if someone tracked how much time I spend in front of the computer and they presented it back to me as days in a year I would be shocked but not surprised. I use my computer:

1/ Work (no escaping this one but i love it so it is not like work at all)
2/ Listen to music (I listen to a lot of music)
3/ Play games (emulators)
4/ Call people on Skype
5/ Kill time

I rarely watch TV now. I do try to make time to pull myself away from it a few times a week by doing something totally unrelated like take some beers, play pool/snooker. I also sleep and eat :D

How bad is your ratio of computer hours versus non-computer hours?
The mere fact that we hang out in forums like these probably sums it all up!

Can't wait to see what Michele posts on here :D

How many sites have you got now Michele? And you run a hosting company?

Oh yeah, BTW Michele I think your blog spammed me again on the Google post. Funny, I got spmmed on my own blog when posting a comment while logged in as administrator. Not so sure whether the WP anti-spam is a bit over aggressive.
That's life. At least you get to enjoy what you are doing.
I prefer computers then going to the pub and don't remember what I did the night before.
i'm worried about the amount of non productive time i spend on the net.
i'd venture that i'm 5% productive /seriously
There are any multitude of distractions. I'd like to damn:
- Yahoo Mail
- WebmasterWorld
- Digg
- StatCounter
- BBC News
- and thousands of others

(joking of course, if these sites went away tomorrow I don't know what I'd do)


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My "issues" are with IM:
- Y!
- MSN x 2 (long boring story)

plus IRC....

Never mind the email and all the other stuff
I think we all do, I work very hard at a work life balance, getting time to read a book, go to the gym a few times a week, Im young so a nightlife is also important for me at the moment.
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