Does anyone know the secret MS password????

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How in the h*ll are you supposed to submit a site to Live Search?

I looked up the url and it gives me this:
Live Search URL Submission

I've tried:
* In Firefox, signed out
* In Firefox, signed in
* In IE, signed out
* In IE, signed in
Then all of the above
* With the Http://
* Without the http://
* with a / at the end
* with a /. at the end
Then all of the above, shouting at my monitor

Any suggestions besides anger management? :D


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So no matter which combination of upper and lower case you use it just sits there?


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yeah, it's a grade one pr1ck.

I remember trying to submit a few weeks back and giving up, thinking 'oh well I can submit to Google so stuff MSN' but now I'm visitor hungry/desperate :D

Maybe I should try smoke signals or calling them on the telephone.. :)

Is it just me? has everyone else here submitted to live search no problem?


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Lol, MS creating a whole SEO industry based around the 'secret backdoor' to submitting to MSN live. :)


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This issue should be fixed. There was some problem with the engine, which was brought to their attention a while back and fixed in the last week or so. :)


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If I tell you I'll have to shoot you.

But I can say that submission is not the key.

BTW - if you're Irish based and targeted MS search wont do you many favours.

Yeah, they're geo-targeting is shocking. If it wasn't the default search on IE I say we could forget about them.
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