Dropping down the Ranking

Hi Guys

Looking for a bit of help if anyone can I would be very much appreciated

I am pretty new to SEO so please be patient

So I am trying to do the SEO on a site I look after (Ishka Sports Camping Equipment, Massage Equipment, Swimming Equipment) ,my problems started when after a webinar I listened to online from the states ,

They recommended I use a tool called Keyword Eye which I did and got all the so called Keywords I should be using ,Now before I entered all the new keywords to the site my old ones were doing alright and a good few of them were on page one of google.ie ,however after entering all the new ones my old ones have now slipped down the rankings and the new ones are nowhere what so ever (The tool I use is Rank Checker)so

my question is this normal and should I have to wait a few weeks before I see any changes ?

Any feed back would really help thanks
If you have changed keywords on the site and in the title then your old keyword ranking will slip, it takes time to rank for new keywords i advice you to build a few back links with your chosen new keywords which will help you improve the ranking depending on the competition. Also i noticed a few things that can help boast your on page SEO:

Use a H1 tag with your keyword(s)

Use a H2 tag with your keyword(s)

Make sure you have keywords in your image ALT tags, 3 images missing ALT tag
Thanks for the reply
Thought that might be the case alright ,just starting to panic a bit seeing all my keyword slipping down the ranking ,any idea how long it would take to see improvements ?it is over one week since I changed them ,
Also what is the best tool and most accurate do you know , I have being using rank checker to check them and Keyword Eye to find the best ones
It could take weeks or months. When i look for keywords i use the google ad word keyword tool which is free to use and shows the keywords competition and the amount of searches it receives. Look for keywords with small competition and good few searches. Some keyword software pull there results from that.

Thanks for that ,I was using all the keywords that had high competition, I will try doing what you suggested and see how I go

Many thanks
Hi Thanks for that

No I didn't change any title tags I just entered new keywords and removed the old keywords that weren't showing up in the top 200 , yes all the keywords are relevant to the pages , I used the google keyword tool for that ,any idea of the best free rank checker to use ,I just have no faith in any of them to be honest
I think you need to continue to do the right things. Improve your content, get more back links, tweak your title tags etc. You are not going to get back up the rankings over night but if you do the right things and have patience you will get there in time.
Thanks for your help ,another thing that I am confused about is the good old back links ,I checked my competitors back links on site explorer and they only have a few compared to me and they are doing really well in the organic pages,

In the mean time I will continue to do what you suggested

Thanks again
One of the important things to be noted to increase the keyword ranking is proper SEO. You have to start from On page SEO activity.The website to be ranked should be properly optimized for the google to crawl.The images should be properly optimized to decrease the page loading time.The next important thing to be taken care is the competitor analysis.The strategies followed by competitors should be properly analysed.Once after finishing on page you can start doing off page by posting your URL in high domain authority sites.
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