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I want to build a database of email contacts to try and find a job.

My ideas is to use a web email extractor , scraper to target specific industries...

I have found a few free ones but they are blunt tools and dont give good filter options so it would be pointless using..

Can anybody reccommend one that is safe, free and can be filtered.


Thanks for the feedback. But I think some of you are missing the point. Jobs Rapido and the like are not great they pull out of date info all the time and from wrong geographical locations. I already have alerts with jobsites...

Nobody has said why not use scrapers.

In the past I have used the old fashioned way of cold calling companies in targeted industries eg want a part time job in a bar visit all bars in your area, want a job as an estate agent cut out their newspaper ads send a letter. (this has worked for me before)

Today we have email, nobody writes or phones for jobs.

Last year, I spent an hour a day (30 days) building a database of TEFL schools (in Malaga Spain where I live) manually searching for contact details, it was very hard work and nobody could afford time or money to call/write all the potential leads that came up.

With my email contact list I was able to find work

It is a number game, but it is not spamming, it´s targeted which is why I need a good filter. I do not want to apply for a job in Madrid when I live in Malaga. I don’t want to send an email to Bob in accounts as this is a waste of my time (and will p..s him off).

The more doors you knock on the better chance you have of finding a job, sometimes the best jobs are not advertised.
Not open for further replies.
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