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  1. Ishka

    Ishka New Member

    Hi Guys.

    Looking for a bit of help please

    I have a website Ishka Sports Camping Equipment, Massage Equipment, Swimming Equipment that does pretty well in however my keywords don't show up anywhere in,.my hosting company called powa is in the uk

    Any help or advise would be much appreciated

  2. davidbrett

    davidbrett New Member

    Hi Brendan,

    Have you gotten any links from UK sites? This should help.
  3. Ishka

    Ishka New Member


    Yes I have but only a couple ,do you think that would make a big difference ?
  4. davidbrett

    davidbrett New Member

    It will help if you can get a few nice ones.
  5. myfirsturl

    myfirsturl New Member

    try to make or to get very good links as davidbrett said. there is no such thing as enough, do as many as possible.
  6. seanpearse

    seanpearse New Member

    Hi Brendan,

    I just came across this thread. I'm based in Buncrana in Donegal and this is a commonproblem for many businesses around here on the border with Derry who want to rank well in as well. I've touched on it in my blog but that is more directed at businesses setting up a new website and I can see that your site is pretty well established so I would recommend maybe creating a subdomain e.g. with pretty much a mirror of your main site but alter the content to include references to UK customers and obviously show prices in £ stg. Then create a seperate sitemap etc. for this subdomain and geotarget the UK in webmaster tools. Then as davidbrett says try and get some nice UK links to your subdomain. I know it's a lot of work but apart from that the only sure fire way of ranking well in the UK is setting up a seperate site. Your host being based in the UK shouldn't do any harm either although the relevance of server location is unclear. There are many debates on this subject but as blacknight mentioned on one of these discussions the problem is it's all hear-say.

    Barr setting up a separate domain though, I would recommend creating a uk targetted subdomain.

    Anyway...I've just realised I'm on a forum discussing SEO on Christmas day....I need to get a life lol!

    Happy Christmas

  7. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Just a note, "www" is a sub domain, "www.subdomain.domain.tld" is just retarded. Sorry, I meant redundant. Funny that.
  8. robert45

    robert45 New Member

    If would like to see your then you have to pointing your site in webmater tool.If you have any more question feel free to ask me.

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