Google deleted many iranian accounts from analytics

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    Google's new sanctions have recently come to a halt, and the company is cutting off the overall access of Iranian websites to Google Analytics; In recent days, some Iranian websites have completely lost access to their Google Analytics panel, and Google's support department has not given any correct answers to user questions. دیجیتال مارکتینگ
    The point to be considered in this Google action is to delete all data related to the Google Analytics panel of blocked websites; the information that is vital for a webmaster and its lack of will create many problems for the owner of that website.
    Interestingly, Google did not make any official announcement about this action, and the process of blocking access to Iranian web sites for Google Analytics does not follow any particular pattern!
    whats your opinion about this ?
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  2. mneylon

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    Google is a US company and there are sanctions against Iran.
    The fact that Google may not have been actively enforcing the sanctions doesn't mean that the sanctions did not exist.
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    I heard this news too.

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