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Discussion in 'Google' started by SEO, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. SEO

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    Ok Everyone is talking about Google Panda but as yet very few have come up with good strategies to ensure future success.

    Any testing been carried out by forum experts????

    Even though offsite is now nearly 95% of the battle for good SERPS, good varied strategies are a must, so I thought if we pooled information everyone can make more € for themselves and clients :)

    WIN WIN all the way
  2. kentgibson

    kentgibson New Member

    well all of the official stuff from google says new original content. Which would mean stuff like the author tagging that they just started might help.
  3. dota2hook

    dota2hook New Member

    add google +1, add your google Profile @ your site, add your site @ google profile, make 2-3 new posts each week, some rnd backlinks --> page 1

    atleast thats what im doing for my website which is 1 month old and ranking for several pharases on rank 1, and for main kw: dota 2, on high positions(

    hope this helps you somehow :p
  4. link8r

    link8r New Member

    It's worth considering that there's a big difference between what Google would recommend / like people to do and them being actually able to do anything to detect or reward it.

    What if you did a blog post right now and then I copied and pasted it but changed the auto tag? Google PR police will hardly arrive at my front door to investigate!
  5. Digital Response

    Digital Response New Member

    Social media and original content seems to be the theme, social media likes, followers, circles etc do have an impact on PR

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