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Discussion in 'Google' started by Keewee6, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Keewee6

    Keewee6 New Member

    are they useful , do they help when u add meta tags to your site
  2. Byron

    Byron New Member

    Totally agree, to be honest, for the additional page weight they cause, they are well worth including, remember, although Google might have devalued them slightly, other SE's still highly value them, and with new tech coming out, Google might lose market share
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  3. gbonnet

    gbonnet New Member

    The only meta I use (apart from the http-equiv and robots) is the description. It's not used for ranking (by Google at least) but it allows having clean and appealing snipets in search results. Note that it's not about the site in general but about each specific page, hence you should not have twice the same description across your site. GWT point this out nicely.
    The meta keyword has been ignored by google for a long time now.
  4. TwoHeadsWebDesign

    TwoHeadsWebDesign New Member

    I concur with the general comments here, all too often many think SEO optimised = Google, period! IMHO I always maintain if the arent going to penalise your site then they are at least going to add 'some' value with other SE's. Certainly Meta Keywords have been ignored by Google for some time now, but others do use them. I guess its more a case of creating a prioritised list of SEO features that you make a call on how much you introduce on a site by site basis depending perhaps on how much the client is prepared to pay for, or of course your own site which should get the deluxe treatment :)
    You really can go on indefinitely depending on how much time you want to invest.
  5. ryanoryan

    ryanoryan New Member

    That's a good point, personally I still add 3 or 4 keywords to the Meta Tags of any web page I am publishing. It might not do you any good with google, but it certainly won't do you any harm.
  6. MayaLocke

    MayaLocke New Member

    Meta tags refers to the HTML header tags. The title and description are both very important to SEO the keywords tag is far less important.
  7. Blimp

    Blimp New Member

    What do you mean with 'Goog seo meta tags' ?
    Do you just mean HTML <Meta> tag ?
  8. greatar4

    greatar4 New Member

    Meta tag does not have much of an impact on your site as far as ranking is concerned. The reason that they are important is that they increase your click trough rate. The more descriptive your title tag is, the more likely people are to click on your site in the search results.
  9. lato

    lato New Member

    Mayalocke is correct, regarding the original question.
  10. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Actually, this is a bit of a binary question. Meta data is certainly not bad for you and just because Google doesn't specifically deal with Meta Keywords, doesn't mean it ignores them! There's also no limit and there's not a lot of evidence to suggest a penalty, except where it's clearly (to a computer system/algorithm) being abused, like irrelevant words and stuffing. Google specifically deals with 10 or 12 types of data in a file that we know of for certain - Description, content, links, Page title, index, canon etc. If and when it wants to. We know that just because you specify a canon or page description, it doesn't mean that Google will always use it. It doesn't.

    But to say that because it doesn't filter a Meta Keyword specifically is not the same as saying it's ignored. So don't mind the spammers and the fluffers - use keywords and be happy.

    As for Bing (and thus Yahoo), they have in the recent past specifically mentioned 2 keywords per page on their Webmasters blog.
  11. uplodex

    uplodex New Member

  12. unrealindeed

    unrealindeed Administrator Staff Member

    Page Ranking is achieved by good traffic to a website via other websites with a good page rank, also by general hits such as organic listings in Google Bing etc...
    Google Reads

    1. Page “Meta Title” first.
    2. Page “Meta Descriptions” second.

    Meta Title: 60-80 Characters of available space to enter unique (per page) keywords.
    Meta Description: 2-3 descriptive lines about the page, again using keywords and phrases.

    These are key to getting found in the SERPs for keywords/phrases you have entered into Google (that correspond to the keywords in the Title & Description).
    The Meta Keywords, okay, not as important as they were, but I always take time to combine a list of comma separated keywords that I will use on all the website pages and use it as a global Meta Keyword list. It only takes a couple minutes and it may serve you/client in the future.
  13. brianbaru

    brianbaru New Member

    Put simply, having no meta tags wont harm your site but no doubt, correctly used meta tags will help your rankings. It's unusual to see a site ranking for a keyword that does not have them in their tags.
  14. huyducle

    huyducle New Member

    In my opinion ,meta tags is very useful that is the first thing you have to do when you do SEO because that make the robot of Google come to crawling your site.
  15. mickelodian

    mickelodian New Member

    Descriptions and all that Jazz

    I would tend to agree generally speaking, however SEO is more than simply trotting along behind the Google algo and picking up it's crumbs. Its also taking into account that 1 to 2 seconds that users spend reading the description then deciding if you are the link to click or the guy 'above' or 'below' your serp entry. I would suggest that Google certainly DOES take this into account, how could it fail to do so. So whatever Google says is rubbish when you consider the description makes up 60% of the actual serp entry and their business relies on this being human readable and click bait.

    Although at one point I used to simply remove the description and allow Google to pull its own one from properly formatted content on the page. Highlight the text properly with /<p> tags under a /<h1> and Google will use the text as an indexable description.

    Then of course theres the tried and tested method of populating the description with the main highlights of the text where it matches with the context of the description, but you need a good semantic function for that.

    What I would say about descriptions is that they are a small variable but an important one since they are user facing.
  16. natul

    natul New Member

    I think three the most important tag are: title, description, keywords. On write title and keywords we should focus on more, description also is important but less and we should treat it as advertising text.
  17. Digital Response

    Digital Response New Member

    Title and description are a must for sure, it does no harm to use other meta's for other search engines. I also read recently removing meta keywords completely actually adds weight for google .. but not so sure about that myself
  18. Darylle

    Darylle New Member

    Meta Tags was very important to search engine rankings.
  19. Amitmondal

    Amitmondal Banned

    Yes META tag is important for Google seo. Its helps increase your site weight and give good expression.
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