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WordPress released 4.9.8 which fixes several issues but also introduces a banner on the index of the admin panel getting users to try out their new editor, codenamed: Gutenberg.

In WordPress 5.0, it is set to become the default editor but if you prefer the current editor, there will be a "Classic Editor" plugin that you can install.

ThemeGrill gives a good run-down as to what Gutenberg, but here is a few key points about the new editor:
  • WYSIWYG block-based editor (So you would have 'containers' with different elements that you can drag around drop in other locations rather than coping and pasting to other locations).
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easier embedding of YouTube videos, SoundCloud songs, etc.
What do you think of the new WordPress editor and will you be using it when WordPress 5.0 goes live?
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