Are you going to leave Hosting/Register365?

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Hi Byron,

Hosting365 provides managed dedicated hardware and cloud / virtualisation platforms for corporate, government and channel partner customers.

Register365 provides domain name registration, shared hosting and related services and is part of Domain Names and Web Hosting - Domain Names, Hosting, Dedicated Server Solutions and Broadband ADSL, Namesco Limited

The two companies are completely different, with different owners, teams, etc, located in different offices.

I can't answer your questions, as they refer to Register365 queries/concerns, and I/hosting365 have nothing to do with issues like that.

Hope that helps clarify for you.


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I'm certainly annoyed but I won't go through the effort of moving sites in a fit of pique... the problems will be solved... for the record I have been with h365 since the beginning, having been hosted by stephen and eoin at one stage too

it's not like i'm making money anyway...... ****ing recession


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What about their lack of backup? What about the slowest MSSQL servers on the planet? We have had massive session issues too and it's a bugger to resolve with them!


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Bloody hell!
C'mon like...

"Register365: Emergency Maintenance Window (Power Board) Friday 9th January 2009 from 00:00 - 04:00 {UPDATED}

Please note there will be Emergency Maintenance on Friday 9th January 2009 between 00:00 and 04:00 for EPO removal from a UPS board at the Dublin Data Center.

All equipment being supplied by this board will be powered down during this period, as legally the Data Center Engineers cannot operate on a live circuit.

Maintenance updates will be posted at Network Status - Domain Names, Hosting, Dedicated Server Solutions and Broadband ADSL, Namesco Limited

The following services will be impacted during this time:
Linux and Windows Web Hosting Incoming and Outgoing Mail service

Data Center Engineers have exhausted all other alternatives during the past few weeks to find a non-impacting solution.

The management team would like to offer their sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this maintenance window may cause but this work is critical to minimise any further unexpected interruption in service.

For any further queries, please submit an enquiry through your online Control Panel or email

Kind regards,
Register365 Management"


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It seems like is down?

I would like to know for certain as I have some addresses routed through there.. mails should get queued by the senders, but still...
(my site just got mentioned on a rather prominent blog, so it would be useful if any contact form emails got through!)

edit: Seems to be back up again @ ~5am


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This is an absolute farce. There has been so many problems in the past year that I think this downtime in the last week has finally pushed me over the edge. Then I read that theirs a release fee for domains. I always had a soft spot for r365 and that's why I've stuck with them for the past 3/4years but I think the time has come to move on.

Just having a quick look at the domain removal... 60days? Honestly? I'd also hope that it's £10 for all domains (not £10 per dom), as I plan on rousing up a lot of crap online otherwise.

I just hope for the sake of their customers that they get their act together, and quickly!


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If it's a powerboard thats faulty, why hadn't you the problem fixed sooner (i.e. last year)?

In all fairness, hosting365 has acted better in this situation than register365 - but both companies haven't been forthcoming, and it's been ridiculous.

I have two (semi-)clients who contacted me to ask me to have a look at their site, so I told one of them I'd be out at 7pm to see whats wrong... I checked the register365 website and was surprised when i couldnt find it anywhere. Out of pure look, I checked here and found out what the issue was. It saved me the hassle of a journey of 25miles just to tell them that their hosting company had fúcked up - bigtime.

They asked me for a solution. I said, there's only one solution and thats to move, but that it shouldn't happen again. I'm really doubting myself now to be honest, after the customer service I've seen in the last few days, and only after remembering about the domain transfer fees.

But yes, the client is happy with the service when it's working, very rarely, if ever has to contact customer service because I usually do it for them over the phone.

But I will say this; if Register365 fúcks up one more time before the end of Summer(I have a site24x7 monitor setup for both websites now), or if I have even one slight problem with customer service, I will be making the recommendation that the client(s) leave Register365, wave goodbye to their websites as they my custom moves onto Blacknight, and R365 can stick their £10 nominal fee or whatever it is up their own hole if they think I'm paying for service that ****.

Unless there's a significant change in the R365 camp before November, I'll also make sure we move away.

H365, if you're afraid of being tarnished by R365's brand name then change your brand name also. Both companies could do with a bit of a cleanup of some of the ignorant gobshítes in customer support.


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The problem was the EPO - emergency power off - circuit / system which is specifically designed to cut all power in the event of a fire, staff member being electrocuted, etc, etc.

The fault with the board only developed since th first issue at the start of the month, and we acted rapidly (with the maintenance window last night) to resolve the issue.

You can read the full details at Hosting365 Status - as fas as we are concerned, that is the problem resolved 100% now.

We apologise for the necessary downtime to finally nail this one :(


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Also, last year, when we started being unhappy with that circuit, we built a whole new power distribution solution, with new MV and LV boards, two new UPS and new distribution boards. This is why our cloud and core network and other services / customers were not offline. We're still in the process of moving customers to the newer platform...


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I wrote a lengthy support ticket yesterday about how I've been with them for years, have many clients hosted with them and that I'd like some reassurances from them if I choose to stay.

<SARCASM>Amazing customer support!!! </SARCASM!!!!!!>

Good morning.

This was planned maintenance by the hosting365 data center engineers and announced yesterday on our status page at
Kind Regards,


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This is my first post on this forum, so hello everyone. I felt obliged to join. I host one forum with Register365/Namesco, and have had nothing but problems and excuses for the last few months. I had intermittent issues with latency, but kept getting excuses, and no resolution. Eventually last week they admitted that the problem is down to not enough resources on the server for the number of sites and connections. They told me that they're planning on building a cluster and that they hope to start work in a few months! Not good enough namesco. The problems are happening NOW. If there's not enough capacity on the server that my sites are on then I don't want excuses, I want more resources allocated to that server!


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Hi Dissenter,

Very sorry to hear, please feel free to message this Stephen McCarron who thinks that Relocate365 are just brilliant. He's even renewing his own personal hosting with them. Brave man. Apparently now they are an Italian PLC, not a UK company (StephenMccarron on Twitter today). Makes sense, my girlfriend had a Fiat Punto with similar uptime and reliability.

In fairness, how does he stand up for them? They've created so many problems for so many people, it's not like we're making this up.


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Well they can all make as many excuses as they want, and they can spin their angles too, but I know that their service is crap, from first-hand experience. However, I find their excuses more galling. I won't be staying with them, and I will be advising people to steer well clear of them, if asked.

Just reading back through all the excusemails that I got; they never once apologised for the crap service, and never once held their hands up and said they got it wrong. Even the final email where they admitted the problem was due to too much overhead on the server, they tried to dress that up. anyway, bottom line is that I've had enough.


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It gets even better.... <g>

Regular readers may recall that I've been moving all of my own & clients' websites away from the mess that is NamesCo...

Recently they emailed that my hosting account was up for renewal..

I said 'please don't....' (it was 'empty' anyway)

They said "Fine - it's cancelled..."

Then they sent an email saying

We would like to inform you that it has not been possible to process an automated renewal payment for services on your account. We have listed the relevant services below. Please be advised that the authorising banks provide the reasons given.

Monthly renewal of Register365 - Business Unix for user xxxxxxx (RENEWAL CANCELLED)


Which I queried... and got the response


This message refers to the cancelled hosting for user xxxxxxx. It is stating that we have not taken payment as the package is marked as cancelled.


So I asked - "Well - why would you be trying to take payment if the account's cancelled"

Which brought this response....


The reason the system seems confused is because it shares the functionality of the payment system. So, to cancel a monthly package, we effectively remove the payment details from the package. The system then informs you that we have not been able to take payment, and it will be deleted/processed again in 7 days.

I can assure you the package is cancelled, and the system will soon be reviewed to make it more user friendly.

Sorry if it caused you any confusion.

If you wish, I can delete the package manually now for you, thus preventing any further confusion!


So I said - "Hey, yes - that would be a good idea..."


so far .....

......I've heard no more (Hurrah !!)

What an organisation - scary, innit ?? <g>



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Feel free to PM or email me directly, I almost never directly interact with customers (and haven't for a long time now) so not sure how I personally could have given you problems :)


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Should there not be a forth option.
4) Not sure just yet!!!

This is the one I wold pick now!! Might be different in the months to come but it should still be an option in the vote.


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i will leave them at the end of this month...
everything was better without namesco :mad:

i was there a client for almost 2 year...


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Register 365 are really dreadful. I mean really bad. They use a really cheap and nasty user interface on their control panel, with the absolute minimum of features. No XML protocol, No Pretty permalinks, no lots of features everyone has as standard, crappy servers and customer support???? Don't get me started on that one. I actually turn away clients unless they move to a different provider because I refuse to go near them. Keep well away if you want to keep any hair you have left on your head.
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