how big is your list?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by vladimir, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. vladimir

    vladimir New Member

    Just wondering,

    How big is your list of users ready to receive emails from you at the moment?

  2. redpower

    redpower New Member

    small list and big list is doesn't matter. But with a big quality list is very cool.

    need to build a huge list too...
  3. cignusweb

    cignusweb New Member

    It doesn't matter. There must be a quality list that pays you some visits.
  4. akilispensor

    akilispensor New Member

    the size of the list does not matter

    The biggest questions is how many buyers u got from your list?

    You can have all the subscribers in the the world, but if they're not buying theres no point. All they want are freebies.

    You want a trained list that gets free stuff, but understands that promotions will be going on every once and awhile too that tie directly to the free content that you're providing them.

    i suggest you check out for more of this kind of advice
  5. koconnor

    koconnor New Member

    lol nice question.

    "Size doesnt matter" etc. Good in principle, but the bigger the list the wider the audience the more broad niched your marketing can be thus the more you can drill down to micro niches.

    My current list size is: Total number of contacts:21348

    I've just sent a newsletter out to a portion of this number (10577) as they are on a seperate (micro niched) list.

    A good way I've found that helps increase revenue through a list on a regular basis is creating blog posts - but blog posts with adsense incorporated in.

    A couple of times a week I would create blog posts and then let my big list know about it by sending them to te URL on the blog with the post in question. A list that size brings in good Adsense earnings per post that the newer subscribers will also get to when they make it up the list.
  6. snoof

    snoof New Member

    I agree its not the size of list its about where are you marketing and marketing methods you use in advertising your services.. i only have 800+ but i consider this as quality list since this list is 85% responsive...
  7. breffiniman

    breffiniman New Member

    Just wondering how you get your lists. I have a list of about 50,000 Irish Businesses and am selling it at the moment. I am not looking for alot because some of the companies out there charge an arm and a leg. I done up this list myself by going through all the relvant categories and calling the businesses themselves.
  8. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    Is that legal ? ( as in have people subscribed to your list ? and did you notify them that their details may be passed on ? )
  9. donald_duck

    donald_duck New Member


    small list and big list is doesn't matter. But with a big quality list is very nice
    small list but interesting those will be prefered most

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  10. henryestvir

    henryestvir New Member

    wow, with a list of 50,000, how exactly would you blast that out? is their an email server that you would recommend? I want to have a beefier email marketing campaign.
  11. Byron

    Byron New Member

    Hmm, depends either use a paid solution (costly) or a VPS and run a few test runs, but might annoy your host. Best solution is to run off your own home server / office server with a dedicated net connection I reckon, but that'll probably get blacklisted too... 50k is really enterprise level / multinational
  12. edwardtaylor

    edwardtaylor New Member

    Hi everyone i am very happy with Mailchip email marketing technique
    I am using Mailchip for email marketing you can also Mailchip for new campaign....
    It also gives you report of your visitors with fully details.... :victorious:
  13. marcoego

    marcoego New Member

    110 subscribers ATM :)
  14. EvelynAdams

    EvelynAdams New Member

    Dear marcoego,
    I am also use Mailchip for email marketing
    There are many ways to do email marketing but that techniques is awesome
    Like you can use pro account and also free account where you can send free of cost i think so 2000 users
    the big advantage that you will get the report from Mailchip of your audience.....
  15. ORS_Group

    ORS_Group New Member

    Zero, just moved jobs and did have 30K!

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