How can I get my web site high pagerank?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by trimxqualit, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. trimxqualit

    trimxqualit New Member

    I want to my web site high pagerank level. So I want to do my web site SEO, What can I do now?
  2. dan12

    dan12 New Member

    A couple factor come in to play with page rank

    Having a nice a amount of content on the site is one images , articles , and videos.

    Internal link building is important and creating some keyword anchor text links to your important pages.

    Building high quality back links to your site is a must , try some guest posting opportunities on other high pr sites , creating info-graphics (link bait) ,

    Bring traffic to your pages from social media
  3. mhlimon

    mhlimon New Member

    1) Provide High PR backlink
    2) On Page SEO
    3) Social Bookmark
    4) Off Page SEO
    5) High PR Outbound Link
  4. rrodica6

    rrodica6 New Member

    Hi, did you ever tried Alexa Master Software 4.1 ?? is very good to increase your PR ??
  5. Anderson1

    Anderson1 New Member

    Yep, that's a good summary!
  6. robertwalker

    robertwalker New Member

    Quality links are essential in SEO, though this will also be measured on trust, spam and authority. Therefore, before you start embarking on your SEO effort you must understand first its process and how could it help your site rank specifically. And of course, choose your competitive keywords you wish to rank.
  7. Phyllis

    Phyllis New Member

    You can increase page rank of your website by doing SEO on it.You can do it by yourself or you can hire any professional.
  8. bdsltd

    bdsltd New Member

    Your own page rank isn't that important. Many website which have a PR of 1, 2 or even 3 can rank very highly its about the quality of the conent of your web pages and then the number of quality backlinks
  9. dexsmart

    dexsmart New Member

    You have to mix very well On Page with Off Page, even though Off Page doesn't play such an important role anymore. On page requires actually more attention than ever and that's because Google's Policy changed into a different direction with the latest algorithms. Personal I found this a positive thing because to much spam was around. Now pretty much everyone has to update to live.
  10. shepherd

    shepherd New Member

    "Off Page doesn't play such an important role" we did you hear this? Google may have tightned up on the source of backlinks but off-page is still way more influential
  11. JensonSmith

    JensonSmith New Member

    To get high page rank you have get backlinks from high page rank sites your site, but best advice is don't do concentrate on that because it is not a ranking factor any more.
  12. salati

    salati New Member

    You have to mix up seo techniques like back link building and video seo and social media seo and so on, many ways for the same goal, just do it correctly!!!!
  13. robertwalker

    robertwalker New Member

    You need to be visible enough to Google and get quality backlinks that is healthy and authoritative as well. Just and then, you could start working on the factors such as link building efforts to achieve your desire Pagerank. Furthermore, I would recommend you to focus first on SEO strategy that does matter to search engines ranking, and everything will come next.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2014
  14. Rubel Super

    Rubel Super New Member

    You can succeed by following these

    Step-1:Create Backlinks in free Blogging platform.
    Step-2: Social Bookmarking.
    Step-3:Tweet your new sites.
    Step-4: Backlinks in forum, blogs & articles submission sites.
  15. smsabbir480

    smsabbir480 New Member

    By putting rich content in your webpage for which visitors looking for and doing off page SEO techniques such as-
    1)Link building(by blog commenting,by forum posting).
    2)Social bookmarking.
    3)RSS Feed
    4)Keyword research.
    5)Article submission.
    5)Web 2.0 submission.
  16. jackkarter

    jackkarter New Member

    Your question is the first and biggest mistake all beginners make. They are all obsessed with page rank and where they are in the serp's. If you want to succeed in the industry in any kind of way, don't go down that road.

    Websites that rank well in search engines do so because of the amount of traffic they get. It's a chicken and egg situation. If you create good content and share it, traffic will come to you. Traffic leads to relevant quality links, which in turn leads to high ranking. NOT the other way around.

    You can go out and build fake links and maybe....just maybe you might rank well for a while and you might get some traffic because of it but if the content doesn't stand up on it's own, it wont last.
  17. salati

    salati New Member

    Yes just try to focus first in your content and page optimization, then like i said before shake the mix and wait!!
  18. Imtiaz7150

    Imtiaz7150 New Member

    It really depends on quality backlinks and your content. The Content must be 100% quality full and backlinks from related high pr websites. Low quality backlinks can hurt your rankings.
  19. Christy Anne Luke

    Christy Anne Luke New Member

    You need high authority backlinks from do follow sites. Also you should create an article bank or Wiki on your site that includes every known information about your niche or site topic. That will make you look like an authority to Google and they will reward you accordingly.
  20. andieshire

    andieshire New Member

    One of the best ways to gain traffic for your blog is to do the Off-page optimization. Post your blogs to websites with high PR and make sure that the content is completely original and in well-written.
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