How to delete category in completely?

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Hello guys,
I have a satellites site on with some categories. I did delete some of them, I also replaced the articles by new categories
and now Google(GG) send me messages about those not found category errors that I deleted.

The question is how to delete category in completely? Please find attached for more details.
Could you please help me to troubleshoot that?
I just hope GG won't index those link anymore.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi helennguyen3687,

How long ago did you make the change?

Google and other search engines need to re-index your website to see the change to the categories/URLs.
This is an automated process that can take days or maybe week or two.

- You can "Ask Google to recrawl your URLs" via Console (aka Google Google Webmaster Tools) which should speed the process by making them aware of your changes.
- You can also submit an updated xml sitemap via Google console or if you use an SEO plugin like "Yoast" on your WP site, you can configure it to create a sitemap (which will auto update) and connect it to your Google Console.


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When you make "big" changes to a site which leads to an increase in 404 errors it'll get flagged by Google. It's not a problem really - they'll pick up on the changes eventually.
  1. Create a new category to be your new default, if you have not done so already.
  2. Go to Settings > Writing.
  3. Go to Default Post Category.
  4. From the drop down menu, select the category you wish to be the new default.
  5. Click Save Changes
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