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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by tanaki15, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. tanaki15

    tanaki15 New Member

    How to ping backlinks or is it necessary to ping backlinks after creating them?
    thanks for answer!
  2. hplglobal

    hplglobal New Member

    No dear their isn't any necessity of going to ping your back links or any further requirements. Search Engines automatically crawl them.
  3. mosharop

    mosharop New Member

    Google Robot has automatic crawl system,so,you do not have to ping the back links after creating them.
  4. jackkarter

    jackkarter New Member

    Google will crawl the link but that does not mean it will get indexed. Pinging is a complete waste of time. The easiest and fastest, is blog/forum commenting with scrapebox.
  5. robertwalker

    robertwalker New Member

    There's no need for you to ping all your links, this is exclusively relevant to a website or weblog to notify a server that has a new content update. FYI, it shows that ping sites help your site stand a chance to get indexed/listed on search engine quickly.
  6. dexsmart

    dexsmart New Member

    Get yourself a sitemap and once you add content to your site or do anything Google will crawl faster!
  7. JamesWilson

    JamesWilson New Member

  8. Digital Response

    Digital Response New Member

    Fetch your url's in webmaster tools, the googlebot should pick up links fairly quickly anyhow.

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  9. welfrm

    welfrm New Member

    to index fast backlink use social bookmarking sites
  10. Darylle

    Darylle New Member

    Tweeting or using social bookmarking sites will index fast backlink but i guess it will be hard if the sites are not good.
  11. temp.rb

    temp.rb New Member

    Using google webmaster tool then create a sitemap :)
  12. Christy Anne Luke

    Christy Anne Luke New Member

    You could post the new links on another site that is already indexed and in that way new posts would be found faster.
  13. onlinershub

    onlinershub New Member

    I've learned that some high PR sights like Google Plus and pages are hard to index now a days, unlike sites and other web 2.0 sites. It requires unique title and content on your posts. It's a must that you add the url to google webmaster tools, but on top of that, you need to use bookmarking and backlink indexing services.
  14. richardstevens

    richardstevens New Member

    Submission to blog networks :
    We talk about blog directories and blog networks as though they were things of the past, but in fact even today networks and directories work. As in the past, however, you should not submit your blog to every blog network or directory. Instead, submit your blog only to selected blog networks and directories, making sure to avoid link exchange directories!

    Sitemap submission :
    A sitemap is created to help search engine crawlers to effectively crawl your blog, so make sure you have created a sitemap for your site or your client’s site.

    Commenting dofollow/Comment Luv:

    Popular website stats program :
    Some of you may not be aware of websites which keep stats of domains or show the price and value of any domain. This is a nice way to get your site indexed, however submitting to multiple stat sites is not easy, so we want to use free tools like IMT website submitter. With this tool, all you need to do is to add the link and anchor text, and IMT submitter will submit your site to sites like, “website stats” and other such sites.

    Social bookmarking submission :
    This is another very effective method, though somehow within four hours my website was in the search engines despite the fact that I did not seek social bookmarking submissions. If you wish to do so however, you can start with Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Facebook (public share), and Twitter for faster indexing of your content.

    Guest posting:
    If your budget is sufficient and you have the necessary time and patience required, prepare 5-10 quality posts and ask your fellow bloggers in your niche for permission to publish your articles on their blogs as a guest author and enjoy the resulting backlinks.

    Ping services:
    Ping services offer another effective way to notify search engines of your existence. Pingomatic is one such tool which you can use to notify multiple search engines at once, and another you can try is Pingler. Wordpress does have a default feature to ping services, but giving one of these other options a shot can’t hurt.
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