How To Index Web 2.0 Links In Google.

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How To Index Web 2.0 Links In Google.
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I m new in this forum community I have already read many other articles of
different authors but still I don't have find a perfect answer.
that's way I am try myself to ask you does can anybody give a suitable advise or suggestion
How can I index my web 2.0 sites on Google?
Well Waiting For Good Answer.
Indexing the websites is completely in google end. What you can do is to promote it on other high quality sites so that google see your linking and if its fits requirement then it will be indexed. Dont do over linking otherwise you may be hit by spamming or penalisation by google.


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You can only put your efforts just publish those links to high caching and traffic website or elsewhere where the frequency of crawling is high. This can lead to get your work indexed but no guarantee.
Don't Know how to do it or put efforts to get the work indexed but my senior says share the non indexed links on traffic and caching sites so that possibility of indexing increase. Don't know how much effect it will make. Please share if you found it useful.