How to report Spam?

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Just received a spam email from a company in Limerick offering to sell me email scanning services that will cut by spam by 90% ...ironic I know!

Now this is the second email they have sent me, I have tried to unsubscribe but no avail.

Can I report them to anyone?


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The handy thing about spamcop is that it will automatically parse the mails to send abuse reports to the correct people :)


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Always report spam to the ISP / national authority in charge of this from the country of the spammer source. This will immediately lower the chances of more spam.
That won't make any difference and to think so is incredibly naive


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What is the Irish law on email spam? Is it like CANSPAM
It's a bit stronger (which wouldn't be hard)

Basically EU law differentiates between individuals and business.

If you are a business user the spammer can send you an email, but they must stop once you tell them to.

If you are a personal user they have no right to spam you

If there is an existing business relationship then companies can email you with information related to the business relationship.

So, for example, we can email clients about anything to do with hosting and domains, but if we were to start a new business selling coffee we couldn't use the mailing list to promote it. (Not the best example, but I hope you get the general idea)

There's more information on the data privacy site


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Often reading of security related articles shows that irish authorities have been pretty hard on spammers over the past years.
No they haven't

I honestly don't know which country you've been researching, but it definitely wasn't Ireland.
for ireland id reccomend comreg, they have made a few high profile seizures over the last few weeks based on unsolicited marketing and database gathering.


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for ireland id reccomend comreg, they have made a few high profile seizures over the last few weeks based on unsolicited marketing and database gathering.
Thats SMS yes but it was the Data protection Commisioners Office in conjunction with Regtel. The Case is still on going so we'll have to wait to see what slaps are to be handed out.

The DPC is the only person worth talking to in relation to reporting spam and legal action been tacken .
another irish spammer

I received an email a few weeks ago from
They were offering several general it services including, wait for it, "anti-spam"
The mail clained it was a once off. It did not say where it got my address and offered no opt out. I phoned them and was told it was a mistake by an outside marketing company. I left it at that as the guy on the other end of the phone sounded appolagetic and may have been telling the truth. Low and behold I received another mail today from the same people. I phoned and was told more or less the same story.
After a mild rant i meekly said my goodbyes. What can I do? I really want to follow this one up and dont mind putting time or even a little expense in to it.
Is there an official way to have these guys penalised?


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If you have told them to remove you from their list but they keep mailing you, then you can report them to the data privacy commissioner.


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If you report spam via spamcop it will automatically trigger reports to the ISPs that they use for email etc., which is a lot more effective than reporting them to ComReg

Of course this won't work too well with some ISPs' clients, as the ISPs themselves don't have functioning abuse contacts! (You'll see their reports being sent to internal spamcop handling)

You can also report them to URIBL


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1) Point your cursor at their avatar and click on <block user> - that puts a spammer on the list of blocked users in your profile and enables you to later check up on the account.

2) Click on their avatar and check their lists of questions and answers. If possible, report 6 (!) of their spam posts. Once you become a trusted reporter (TR), which will happen once the YAT (Yahoo Team) realizes that you report reliably, the first 5 posts will get deleted automatically. Reporting the 6th spam post brings the case to the attention of the YAT and somebody will review the case in person.

3) How to report: hit the report flag, on the next page mark the top circle, also put <spam> in the box provided.

4) Unfortunately the YAT hasn't found a way yet how to get such spammers banned permanently. Often times their spam account gets deleted after just one day, but they create a new account and come back immediately spreading more of their junk. So all we can do is reporting them...:-(
I assume you're talking about Yahoo webmail users?