I think I have messed up my eyesight

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I was online 14 hours a a day every day for 2 1/2 years.Then my eyes went a bit strange,everything online and offline was blurred.Two years ago I had 20/20 vision,then I needed reading glasses a year or so ago,and now even with those glasses my eyesight is not great.I have read a little about eyestrain,so Im hopin its that.

Anyone else had this happen to them?
Im dreading going back to the optician
not sure which part is worst,that my eyesight is deteriorating or i might have to limit my time online
As far as Im aware laser is a one time deal,was going to leave it till a few years.Diabetes runs in the family,so I will probably need it later on.

strange that I cant find much on a google search for people with similar problem,just eyestrain,which is temporary.
Had something similar. Went to optician, he said it was common among long-term pc users and isn't perm. Least it wasn't in my case. Basically your eye muscles go into a kind of temp paralysis so when you need to jump from something near to far your muscles cant react fast enough and hence all looks blurry. But that was just me - I would say 100% go to optician. Your mince pies are far too important to be taking chances with self diagnosis or replying on Dr. Google. Good luck


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Legally employers are required to send their staff for eye checkups once a year if they work with computers ..
Of course if you're a freelancer / self-employed you probably didn't know that :) So you've been mistreating yourself :)
I have also been guilty of spending too much time in front of a computer when trying to get my online businesses going. Really it's a message from your body that you need to make time to do stuff away from the computer too. Hard to drag yourself away sometimes, but there's more to life than being on the internet.

I to spend time in front of the PC but I find I get headaches or it could be due to the lack of water intake.
my family say i need to go to the optician,
WIll probably have to soon.
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