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I havent really heard of any of my contacts making any real earnings from adsense from their Irish domains.
Is anyone here doing better?

Does anyone here have a strategy they could forward :) haha as I am always open to new ideas on how to make a quick € in recession times.

Thanks in advance to anyone with a million euro strategy ;)
Yes - we're making money on Irish sites.  Ad position made the biggest difference to the money we're making.  On, a 300x600 ad on the left hand side of the page seems to be working the best along with one (or two) 336x280 at the bottom of the page. Also Infolinks seems to do really well with this type of content.  This combo gave us quite a lift and it's currently at €10-£11 per thousand visitors to the site.  It's different on each site, depending on the content and traffic sources, and it might not make you a million Euro, but I'd definitely give this a try. MikeEzoic
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