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I am somehow an expert when it talks about optimizing my website for searches done on Google. This is the thing that makes me consider that I also require learning how to accomplish it on other search engines such as MSN and Zeal. I desire learning how particular optimizations can be done for MSN. I am just a beginner on this matter and this is the reason why I target to have this awareness level regarding it directly from SEO experts that I am sure are available on this forum. Kindly assist me on this matter. I will be happy and appreciative of any assistance that you will provide me.
I found some tips:

On-page SEO: There's no magic bullet for Bing as far as the content optimization goes. Cover the basics and you're good to go: put out unique content, optimize your page titles, H tags and meta-descriptions, strategically employ your keywords in the body, optimize images and so on. Focus on one topic per page as theme relevancy is important on Bing.

Relevant Inbound Links: Link relevancy is another key to high rankings on the decision engine. Bing tends to favor links coming from pages with the same or similar topic. Try to acquire links from pages with your targeted keywords in the title, H tags and in the body. Links with your target keywords in the anchor texts are even more effective on Bing than on Google, so be sure to take care of that too.

Linking Out: It's not just who links to you that's important. Outgoing links are also a factor on Bing. By linking out to authority sites in your niche (where appropriate of course) you increase the authority of your own site and as a result get a ranking boost.

Blogs vs News Sites: We've all heard about Google's love for blogs because of their fresh content. There are a lot of results from blogs in Google News as well as in the news block in the general SERPs. Bing on the other hand tends to give preference to major news sites. Blogs don’t often make their way into the news sections on Bing.

Domain Age: Bing tends to favor old domains even more than Google. The older the site, the more chances it has to rank well on Bing. Unless you have a time machine there's not much you can do about your domain age. So just sit back and let your domain grow old.
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