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Good day, everyone!

I want to represent the first advertising network of push-notifications, which uses mobile and web- push (browser push) traffic for promoting products on the internet.

Due to the growing image of push notifications, is a perfect platform to increase the recognition of the brand and sales of the product. The mobile users have obtained an opportunity to learn about your products and services on their devices.

Taking into consideration the wishes of advertisers, offers unique possibilities to create effective advertisements.

Unlike the other advertising platforms, offers:

  • High-quality traffic in massive amounts.
  • Ability to send push notifications to any country of your choice.
  • More than 7 million daily clicks.
  • High conversion rate.
  • Easy usage: from registration to running the first campaign will take only 10 minutes!
  • Easy moderation.
  • Inner tracking system: one can follow the ad campaign in a live regime.
  • Convenient price for payment with CPC model (0.001$).
  • 7% from referral program.
  • Direct delivery on the user’s device which eliminates the possibility of bot traffic.
  • Highly qualified customer support service.

High-quality traffic will let advertisers attract any kind of auditorium of their choice. The platform lets choose various filters which provide them with a high conversion rate. The user only needs to specify the content of the advertisement campaign by taking into consideration the user’s needs receiving the notification. is a first rank advertisement format. It creates push notifications and provides maximal results.

For more information follow the link: MegaPush the first advertising network Push-notifications .


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Setting up a campaign in

Checklist for launching campaigns from
At first sight setting up an advertising campaign in Megapush is easy. But many beginners and sometimes the professionals have a lot of questions.

Here is the screenshot of the window of creating a campaign:

Really looks simple. Let's go through all the items in order:

  1. Campaign name. Here we give a name to the campaign understandable for us. The name can be in both Russian and English. At our convenience. I recommend to use the subid in the title, which you pass to the affiliate / tracker. Then it will be more convenient to look in the list when you compare the data with the data from the affiliate.
  2. Link. All is clear: we insert the link from an Affiliate Program. Do not forget to put tags, subkeys and macros. (To give a beautiful view to the link is not necessary, the system will show its domains in the dispatch).
  3. Subject. This is the title of our push notification. The maximum length is 30 characters. For one GEO and one offer it should always be unique. Otherwise you’ll not pass the moderation.
  4. Message. This is the content of our push notification. The maximum length is 45 characters. The same messages are allowed on different campaigns.
  5. Picture. It has a required size of 492x328. On most desktops it will be displayed just under our message, so if you choose only desktop traffic, pay more attention to the picture. For most mobile devices, the picture will turn around after a click on the message.
  6. Icon. It has an optional character. The size is 192x192. It will be displayed in the miniature, next to our message. If you do not set an icon, then our picture will be loaded into the thumbnail.
  7. Let choose a country.
  8. Now let set a bid on which we will receive clicks. The bid is indicated in cents. The system shows us the minimum possible cost of a click and the average cost for a given GEO. Besides, during the setting process of the bid the system shows us which percent of users are being sent our push notifications. I must say that if there is no high competition for the GEO there is no sense to set the bid more than x3 from the recommended price. As the maximum possible number of sent notifications for one campaign is 3%.
  9. Further there are no required fields - let look at them briefly. ISP- a parameter that allows you to target your campaign by a particular operator. It can greatly narrow the reach of your audience.
  10. Browsers. It’s a browser target that you can select only one. If you need several, you will have to duplicate the campaign and choose additional browsers
  11. Operating system: target OS for our user. Again you can choose only one.
  12. Device. It is a target by the type of device: mobile or desktop. You can leave all. But I recommend to create two different campaigns for each type of traffic. Results may vary significantly.
  13. Start time and stop time. Here you can set the schedule of the work your campaign. Time is specified by the time zone of the GEO on which the campaign is being created.
  14. ip Range. Here you can specify the ranges of IP addresses for sending push notifications. You can use it differently, most often it is used with ads of wap subscriptions. The range is set up in the format Each range from a new line.
  15. Below you can choose additional networks of push-traffic. All are included by default, so if you do not need them, do not forget to remove the checkmarks.
  16. By clicking on Additional Features, a menu opens in which you can set limits for your campaign.You can set the limit by budget, by the number of clicks, by ROI, and by profit. It should be noted that not always the user immediately opens our push notifications.Therefore, when you stop the campaign clicks they will keep going for a while. So, set the limit taking into consideration this factor.

    Thereon that all the fields are completed we can see how our push looks like. If everything is fine, then we send the campaign to moderation.That's all. Our campaign is ready.
    Not a big life hack: as most of you know, in order to successfully pour traffic from, one campaign is not enough. As a rule, there should be at least 10 campaigns per offer. To quickly create a campaign, the browser button "Go back" will help us. After the first campaign is created and sent to moderation, we use this button and again get to the campaign creation window, but with the fields already filled in. It remains only to change the headings and pictures and the next campaign is ready. Either before sending the campaign to the moderation we can use the chrome function to "duplicate" the tab and get the same effect.


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Dating case study with & Mobytize: 2439$ spend with 125% ROI!

Offer: & Smartlink
The source of traffic:
AP: Mobytize
Period: 6.09.2018-6.12.2018
Spent: 1082$
Received: 2439$
Profit: 1357$
ROI: 125%

Hello everyone! Today I decided to write my case on dating vertical which I was promoting successfully for a couple of months. In fact, this is my first experience with push-traffic and non-Russian market in general. However, given that payouts on the offer were delicious, and the competition was not high, I managed to promote this offer with a good ROI. In the meantime, I obtained work experience with push traffic and learned various features, which I will share with you today in this case study.

After first attempts to work with push notifications on dating, I started to look for the offers of this vertical, which had an acceptable ratio of Price per Click in and payout in Affiliate Program. I’ve chosen, which was in Mobytize AP. It was a SOI offer. I was especially surprised with payouts (desktop and mobile respectively):
111 engl.jpg

An additional condition of the offer was age of 21+. Therefore, the user who entered age less than 21 – registration will not be counted. As it is push-notifications traffic, there is no possibility to target on age, so this offer seemed to be a clear minus.
However, by looking at CPC prices in on that moment and seeing that they were not high and checking the payouts, I understood that I should go and test.
On the very first days, the combination worked. Afterwards, I tried to scale up and not lose the ROI I’ve had by that time. Up to some time, I was successful as has a lot of traffic, and the offer has wide GEO choices. As soon as ROI started to fall, I tested new angles, creatives and GEO. This way I’ve discovered Belgium, which brought me almost half of the profit in this case.

Overall, after testing many GEOs in the span of 3-4 months, campaigns started to burn out. It was influenced by competition in, which led to increased CPC on the GEOs that I was targeting. Also, my angles in the ads burned out as the reason of other affiliates using the same angles. In the last days of this case, I was promoting my campaigns with low ROI of 10-20% to finish off CAP for this offer.

CAP. When the combination worked there was only one question left on which I couldn’t influence: it was CAP. I’ve made 100 conversions, reached the CAP and was waiting for feedback from the advertiser. They gave me an extra 100 limit, after which they bumped it up to 400! Taken into account the payouts, this is already some kind of volume. This is for the record to those people who say that push traffic does not work and there is no one buying from it.

Moving to settings and creative:
Settings of Ad Campaign. I was targeting mainly on Desktop, on all Operating Systems. As everyone already knows, from this source of traffic the conversion rate of a desktop is lower than mobile, but I chose it because of the payouts and price per click.
Creatives and Landings. I was promoting this offer without pre-landing, as it is not an adult offer and there are no problems with moderation. Regarding landings - there were Smartlinks. That is why I did not change anything.
Text part. At this time the angle is quite burned out, but still somehow works. The idea of ads was to create an image of live communication. Title – the name of the girl, location and age. Text- here there are a couple of options: started from the standard “Hi, how’re the things going?” ended with the offers of the meeting and etc. I tried to do a maximum simple text, so as a result of translation it’ll not sound stupid and the google-translate will be enough.
The graphical part.
On a small picture(icon), I tried mainly 3 angles of creative: usual 18+, 21+, a picture of a symbol meaning getting to know someone and pictures with the meaning “new message”.
On a big picture-creative, there are mainly faces of beautiful girls, where only face or face-chest are visible. All the rest: explicit pictures (not naked) only the body shape and etc did not perform well. Here I had to catch the line between model appearance and too much “realistic” pictures, as the creative where a “model” appeared was not converting, and so did the ones with “too realistic” appearance. In addition, there were different girls on different GEOs - on Scandinavia: blonde women, on Europe both blonde and brown-haired girls with Slavic appearance.
I will not be putting here the creatives that I’ve used, as they are still active on other offers. J

Now about the numbers:
I will not show all the statistics from, as I have lost the access to my first account. (Support team helped to transfer the remaining amount of budget to the new account, for which I’d like to thank them.) There was spent about 233$.
Here is the statistics from the current account:
Statistics in Affiliate Program Mobytize:

A couple of recommendations from my experience with push-traffic and particularly with
Translation. Via Google, it is the maximum allowed to translate widely used words/expressions, but already in a small sentence some mistakes are noticed, hence, the reaction of the users is negative which is reflected on the conversion. Therefore, do not be greedy and order the translation.
The observation of the specifics of the GEO. Before pouring on this or that GEO, obtain more detailed information on it on Google/Wikipedia: the specifics and differences of the appearance of the girls on that GEO, which language they use more (for instance, in most of the European countries it is about 3-4 languages). In addition, if you use names in creative, find in google what names are widely popular among the youth in those GEOs.
I would like to highlight separately macros {city}, which shows the geo of the user via IP. In creative, it’s possible to come up with a couple of approaches. In my case, it was not bad.
And of course, watch and analyze the traffic, pay special attention to the existing changes, which is permitted to optimize and get the offer with high ROI.

The existing variables in MP.
The number of variables with which it’s possible to pass tests and which play a role in conversion are less comparable with other popular traffic sources (there’s no this kind of target of interests, age, gender, etc.) Anyways, these variables exist and there is a need to press on them in order to achieve maximal results. Now, more precisely:

-Creatives and approaches to them. Try to pour and test a couple of approaches on this or other GEO/offer;
-Landing. The same – the more you test the higher are chances to find a landing page with good conversion;
-Pre-landing (also test without it);
-Time of the week;
- Time of the day;
-Device (Desktop/mobile)

Hope this was helpful and you have taken something for yourself from this case.
Thank you for reading and wish you high ROI. :)


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Traffic from all countries is cheaper now in
By numerous requests, we have made it possible to create a campaign with a minimum bid. For TIER 1 countries, the minimum bid is just 1 cent. For the Second World countries, the minimum bid is 0,5 cents, and for other countries, it is 0,1-0,2 cents.✨
The dynamic minimum bid now shows you from what bid your campaign can start on selected GEO.⚡⚡



New Member cares about the quality of the traffic it provides and works on its improvement every single day.
From now on we will be blocking the source_ids with low-quality or suspicious traffic ourselves. Based on the data provided by our internal arbitrage department, we are totally blocking the sources with ROI lower than 80%.
The process is personally controlled by the CEO of❗❗


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There is only a week left before AFFILIATE WORLD EUROPE 2019 - one of the most significant affiliate marketing conferences.
As usual, it will be held in hot Barcelona. is one of the main sponsors of the conference.
Our team will be happy to meet you at booth A23.
You will find a lot of interesting competitions and great prizes!!
See you at booth A23 in Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc‼

#awe #affiliateworldeurope #affiliatemarketing


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The most popular and the biggest advertising network is starting a poker tournament for the affiliate marketing community all over the world.

The Prize budget is 100 000$ (On your account).
Everyone who wishes to participate in the tournament is free to apply.

In order to participate, you should:

Apply here: Главная
Add 100$ balance on in July 2019!
Participate in the tournament on 25 July 2019 and become one of the 20 winners!

More detailed information on the poker tournament is available here: Главная



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Great news is expanding its capabilities.
From today you can send SMS notifications through our platform.
➖Creating an advertising campaign will take less than 30 seconds. Just fill in the fields “text”, “sender” , and “phone numbers list” (numbers to which you want to send messages).
➖Herewith, phone numbers may belong to different countries as well as to different operators.
➖ The system automatically calculates the sending cost. Funds will be debited from your account in the case of successful delivery.
Already know how to use it? Then hurry up - the price may increase!


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Great news for users!!
A new type of advertising with a better target is already available - City Ads.
Using this format of ad, users can create and run campaigns for different cities of different countries at the same time and separately track statistics.
The process of creating a campaign is almost the same: you just need to select countries and cities from the list.



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In the world of affiliate marketing MegaPush is well-known for its quality and volume of traffic. It is the first and the largest push notification ad network. MegaPush does not stand still and is constantly expanding its capabilities. Read the latest overview of all the features here →


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Great news for all affiliate marketers of!!

We are launching a new format for the purchase of traffic - "Ready Traffic Exchange".

Now there is no need to set creatives. All that is needed is to choose a GEO and the desired lot on the exchange, set a price - and the traffic is yours! All you need is the link. However, only the campaign with the HIGHEST bid receives traffic!!

If you can’t find the lot you want, just write to us and we will add it if it possible! Requests for new verticals will be accepted via Live Chat!

Traffic flow starts without moderation.
‼But there is post-moderation - any violation of the existing rules will lead to the blocking of the account with all the funds on it‼



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The new format “First Page Ads” is already running!
Now, the first thing that the user will see while opening the browser, is your advertising offer! The “First Page Ads” has the easiest campaign settings. All you need is the link, the necessary target and the working landing/prelanding.
1. Only real traffic - no bots.
2. The ability to target by gender, age, IP range.
4. Detailed statistics in account - there is no longer any need to configure the tracker.
5. Low CPC - from 10 cents per 1000 clicks for Tier-3 and from 50 cents for Tier-1 countries.
6. Users' base from all around the world. The most voluminous GEOs: France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Hungary, India. The volume for each GEO can be seen when creating a campaign.
7.The opportunity of creating WHITE lists that you can use for retargeting (for example, in order to “squeeze” a user who has registered but has not made a deposit).
Hurry up to try “First Page Ads” and take full advantage of it.

first page eng.jpg
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