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I've just started a new business which sells Irish made gifts and crafts. All products are wholly made in Ireland from start to finish and I believe Irish craftmanship is the best in the world. My budget for website was very small so I bought an off shelf package (which by its nature is limited) and did all the work myself in laying it out. I would appreciate any feedback anyone might have. Site is

Many thanks


Good luck with the store

At its simplest level on the home page I would make those images clickable through to the items At the moment they aren't. I would also put prices on them and make sure that there is a mix of higher and lower prices in the slider to attract the business.

Also you have a huge mix of confusing fonts on the page and different colours. Use at most 3 (including menu) this is a standard that ensures a simple direct look and feel.

Put your social icons up top of the page and consider getting them customised to match the colur scheme of the site or even look out on the web where there are hundreds of icon sets that would nicely match the colour scheme

You have an item on the sidebar with a Paypal button and no price. I don't think people would click without the price plus when I did it was broken.

You have more sliders in the footer - I don't think these serve any real purpose. I would put some special offers here (again with price) and click through to the store.

When I went to the store there was a lot of white space above the fold and I had to scroll down to see products. This is a poor customedr experience. I would have my top X sales items up here with the best graphics possible and in their faces.

Why do you have a Links page on the right. I would remove this it is not in synch for the site unless they are paying for the privilege

You About page is full of Warble words - I would be more 'authentic' here and explain actually who you are rather than phrases lie "We take great pride"

I would remove Welcome to.. on the home page and focus on the products. IF they want to read about you put it on another page. The goal here is to sell product and get attention to them.

I also think you could do with more iamges with the products and in some cases they seemed low resolution.

Hope this helps - this is just from a quick scan -
Thanks Kieran for taking the time to have a look. Your feedback is very useful and I will try and implement some of the ideas. My main issue is the restrictions of the package for example cant put the social media into the header bar for some reason and cant change the layout of the webstore page. Some of the other things I can improve. Thanks again for the feedback
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