New Version of GoMage Advanced Navigation for Magento

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NEW VERSION of GoMage Advanced Navigation has already been available!
GoMage Advanced Navigation Extension for Magento With Ajax Filter

Save time of your online store customers and get more sales!

- Supported Magento EE;
- Supported Full Page Cache;
- Supported Solr (in Magento);
- Redeveloped Menu Bar Navigation for Plain;
- Redeveloped category navigation on Search Page;
- Added ability to show Products (using categories) on Statis Pages;
- Added ability to show Shop By in Content and Right Column;
- Added ability to show only X options per attribute and hide another (more/less button);
- Added Page Autoscrolling (Ajax Catalog);
- Added Back to Top button;
- Updated Help Icon option for Store Views;
- Removed 256 Character Limit for Help Icon;
- Fixed Default Menu Bar Navigation (no rewrite for your custom top menus).
Not open for further replies.
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