Domains Serve DNS from a different host

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Hi all.
Having a brain fart regarding domains and DNS. Wondering if someone can clarify.

I normally have a domain registered with RegistrarA
Within the RegistrarA control panel, you might have the Name Servers set as
and then I have all my DNS set out within this registrars control panel. Simple enough and everything is in one place.

But supposing I have a domain registered with RegistrarA but want to have my Name Servers setup on VPS01

Sure, I can set the name servers in RegistrarB to use and

But how does VPS01 know to be the authority for these NS? Wouldn't Registrar A need at least an A-Name record to tell it that the NS can be found on the VPS?

Not sure if I'm explaining this correctly!


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I'm a little confused by your explanation of the situation.

The registrar of record needs to know which nameservers a domain is using OR you can set up the DNS records (A, MX etc,) with any 3rd party DNS provider

So if you have nameservers wherever (doesn't matter where) the registry needs to know that they're the ones to look at for a specific domain

Does that help or make things worse?

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