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Discussion in 'Hosting' started by littleBird, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. paul

    paul Ninja

    I pushed a few domains to them and support was spot on. They were selling Irish domain registrations a loss so I took advantage and renewed mine with them. They do renew .IEs on the 25th of the month for some reason, which had me a bit confused. I was a bit worried as one of mine was expiring on the 27th (yesterday) but they renewed with the IEDR on the 26th as the 25th was a Sunday.

    I can't say about their hosting support, but for domains they were quick, polite and overall fine.
  2. thetruth

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    Then why comment less than 24 hours after initial post? unless you are Letshost in disguise! Worth using an ICANN accredited supplier (Blacknight), not a 3rd party (letshost). I'd pay 3 times the price to register through Blacknight. Why you think Letshost offered it at a loss? I've had domains with Letshost not renew cos their renewal system doesnt work, only my attention to detail kept things on track. Some of the ones they manage to renew they charged twice for! Expiry dates become confused because they are only a middle man.
  3. paul

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    it's a forum, you discuss things. Funny you picked up on a topic that's 5 years old.
    talking about disguises ... who are you ? unlike you I use my real name. Funny that your only 2 posts here are about one topic. My 1,500+ are on various topics.
    I do use BK !
    That's entirely your own choice
    Probably a customer acquisition strategy. My reason to move was that I wanted a receipt 1 my 40+ domains and BK couldn't do it.
    That's your experience thanks for sharing, I'll keep a close eye on my ones.
  4. thetruth

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    Yes, five years on and still not worth going for. Good luck with the receipts & letshost!
  5. ziycon

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    Just to add to this, I've been with for at 3/4 years on shared hosting, never had any major issues apart from downtime for a couple hours only on one occasion, apart from this never really had any issues with them. Support issues responded to promptly enough, even out of hours so can't complain here either.

    As a comparison I also use BK for a VM, for a much shorter period I've been with BK but support has been very good and any issues whether mine or BK they have been resolved in a timely manor.

    Comparing them both overall, I can't say there is a major difference, only thing I can think of would bethe BK are marginly cheaper with slightly better spec. for the packages, that's about it though as far as I can see.

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