Text vs Image Ads?

Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by conorod, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. conorod

    conorod New Member

    Which do you find gets more clicks - text ads or image ads?
    I find text ads get more clicks on my forum.
  2. elchefe

    elchefe New Member

    My personal experience says that text ads get more clicks then image ads. People have become blind to banner ads and tend to ignore them.
  3. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    You can blend text ads in more with your site's layout, so the clickthrough rate is probably higher...
  4. crazzy_webber

    crazzy_webber New Member

    Text ads can get mixed in content, personally I pref Image ads - grabs attention instantly! :D
  5. Dsgnr

    Dsgnr New Member

    Visitors click image ads more than text ads.
  6. IrishWholesale.info

    IrishWholesale.info New Member

    The one line google text ads are good, sometimes I click them, being genuinely interested.
    A mixture of both can't be beaten I guess :)
  7. michael.burton

    michael.burton New Member

    Surely it depends entirely on the design of the site you are placing the ads on ?

    I have had sites where text only was needed as the ads then blend in, and on others I needed image ads only as it was a very "graphical" site and text would have looked out of place.
  8. AAA

    AAA New Member

    Image mostly, but as others already said u really needs to see how it goes with your content
  9. immediate

    immediate New Member

    Text ads is without a doubt better than image in most cases. But I'd suggest you leave this to Google to decide. They will tweak things to earn you as high eCPM as possible.
  10. Niche

    Niche New Member

    Text ads have worked pretty well for me. But it really does vary from site to site so test different formats on your site
  11. Tomastamm

    Tomastamm New Member

    Thank you very much for the interesting information)
  12. jamestierney

    jamestierney New Member

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    Text ads are much better

  13. trickobrien

    trickobrien New Member

    Text ads no question.And with blue titles.Site ideally should have CSS to match ads.Image ads for decoration.
  14. avviodavid

    avviodavid New Member

    In my experience the more you customise your ads to look like content the better your click through rates. At Avvio we offer XML solutions to our publisher clients. For example - Breaks Ireland.com. - these ads look like content resulting in high click throughs.
  15. SupNY

    SupNY New Member

    Seems like there is no clear winner on this one, although I am a text add person myself :)
  16. M@rc

    M@rc Member

    Both are good, but I've earned more with text ads.
  17. greatar4

    greatar4 New Member

    Based on my own experience Text/Image ads tend to get more clicks than Text only ads. The reason is that Text/Image ads look more appealing than Text only ads.
  18. VictoriaDaizy

    VictoriaDaizy New Member

    Google Adwords Image Ads

    Yes, I quite agree with you but nowadays a picture can say a thousand words, and this is especially true when it comes to advertising. And AdWords is expanding their reach with the search results ads by now allowing advertisers to use image extensions with their ads so that images may show up along with the AdWords ads.

    People are lazy to read all the text, they would rather look through the picture than waste time reading a long text. I found many interesting tips and tricks about it SEMrush Blog | Google AdWords Image Ads: Tips and Tricks. Hope it will help you too.
  19. peterpp

    peterpp New Member

    In my sites the test ads have bigger CTR
  20. mosharop

    mosharop New Member

    I have an affiliate products review site and I get more clicks on image ads.I think image ads are the best option then text ads.

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