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    Hi, we require someone to provide one to one tuition at intermediate/expert level in the various language for the LAMP platform, php, javascript, sql etc. Also is there a good course out there?
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    I could help you out with this level of tuition.

    I'm a Microsoft/CompTIA Certified Trainer and freelance consultant, specialising in web development (ASP.NET and PHP), content management systems (Microsoft SharePoint, Drupal, Wordpress) and database development (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL).

    In the past two years I've delivered three 14-week training courses for FAS on the subject of PHP web development and MySQL database development, leading to Oracle Certified Professional MySQL Developer certification. I'm currently working on a large PHP/Zend Framework project, so I've a fair bit of experience in building real-world PHP/MySQL applications.

    Drop me a line via LinkedIn if you'd like to discuss options: Marc Patterson - Ireland | LinkedIn


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    Check out it has free courses on Web Fundamentals, PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Python, jQuery, API's. I've found it pretty good so far.

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