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Discussion in 'SEO Help' started by novice, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. novice

    novice New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have worked some SEO on my own website but I seem to be hitting a wall.
    The site is Guesthouse Donegal - B&B Guesthouse Accommodation in Donegal - Restaurants Letterkenny

    It is about 4 months old now but even when i type some of the content into search engines, the website is nowhere to be found.

    The web developer wrote the code and includes flash. would this be the cause of the problem?

    I be grateful for any assistance.
  2. Tom

    Tom New Member

    Wouldn't worry too much about a flash banner. It could be a lack of external links amongst other things. For example I notice you don't have a link to your website on your facebook info page. It also depends on competition for what you are searching. Your site is indexed and showing on page one for "lagoon restaurant donegal" but for that phrase it should really be at the top. Competition for other phrases like "restaurant donegal" will of course be tougher so there's always more seo work and waiting to do. Your site is only 4 months old and it's competeing with much older sites, you do have to give it time, especially for competitve search terms.
  3. seanpearse

    seanpearse New Member

    yeah the little bit of flash in your banner wouldn't affect your ranking. The on site seo is pretty good. I see you have analytics installed and I presume you've submitted the sitemap to webmaster tools. your htaccess and robots.txt are all good. As Tom says, I think you just have to be a little more patient. In the meantime you should be concentrating on building some backlinks and submitting your business details to all local online business directories. This will help your Google Places ranking also, I see you have a claimed listing but it needs optimising. (Make sure to use the exact same business name, address and phone number when creating the listings). You should also try to entice happy customers to leave reviews, I often generate QR codes linking to clients' place page to make it easier for customers to leave a review. I'm up in Buncrana here I'll pm you my mobile number if you want any help or anything. Good luck, Happy Christmas.
  4. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I've no idea why everyone is telling you its fine - its not. Your on site SEO is dire. Anyone who's merely glanced at the Google SEO guide for beginners would be able to point out 20 things wrong with the site. But then, on second thoughts, glancing at some of the "SEO" websites listed by some people, they clearly don't know themselves, so maybe its not surprising.

    1. you're content and keyword choices are too narrow. If someone wanted to find a small hotel or rustic bed and breakfast in the northwest of Ireland, they'd never be able to find you. You're clearly designing and writing the site to suit you and haven't given any consideration to what people need to know. Why are all of the local attractions on 1 page- is there a cost to having more pages? No.

    2. Where is the user (human) site map?

    3. How will people who have no idea where you are going to get to you? Fly? walk? swim? Imagine if you've never been to Ireland and you'll start to get the idea

    4. I see you've learned that everybody everywhere only uses the term B&B. Clever! Even if they've never used the term B&B or don't even have a B&B culture in their own country or state - they'll use it to find you

    5. Unhelpful Alt Tags. Now when people search for "Home" in Google, they'll have no problem finding your site :D

    6. Google Places are easy to game. Just make sure the service and location are in the title - works a treat

    7. So few outbound links / content - a veritable internet cul-de-sac

    8. Nobody wants to link to you huh? Go forth and ask

    9. Not SEO but while we're here - why send people Facebook - why not put the facebook like box on your site instead of that garish banner ad?

    * Helpful advice, just not sugar coated. Don't like it, don't read it
    ** SEO's who are offended in this post shouldn't be, they suck and are advertising that freely.
  5. deadmix

    deadmix New Member


    i will try to explain as easy as i can to make you understand what's the problem on your website :

    1- there is no Meta tags for Google.. so you can add one by using the google webmasters tools.

    2- there is lot of &amp on your description and title.. avoide this & and write simply (and)

    3- you have to adjuste your website code because there is lot of spaces between the Code's Lines.

    4- add google analytic code

    that's all :)
  6. link8r

    link8r New Member

    I have no idea how any of these would in any way positively improve a websites ranking. If there was a worst post ever award, you'd make my short list :)
  7. deadmix

    deadmix New Member

    Google webmasters tools is a way to boost your website traffic by google search engine and to analyse your website's keywords, speed..etc plus thre is a lot of other things to play in order to reach a good audience.

    Search engine Bots don't Read the & and the search engines users don't use & ...

    Search engine Bots Crawel your Website Code.. Lot of Miss, Lot of .js scripts.. is a Metric Used by bots....

    Google analytic is not just a way to get a Stats about your website, it's also a way to get a good audience by using other tools inside...

    So you, who say it's the worst reply and you think you are a SEO Senior, you can tell me how he can improve his website ranking if he don't clean and optimize his website source code and meta tags to give a voice to his website.

    with all modesty, i own several websites and all are PR4+ so i don't talk with ignorance :) or Fantasy !! :):)
  8. Kieran

    Kieran Guest

    I think it now has first and second place.
  9. link8r

    link8r New Member

    Owning x number of sites, even 3, isn't any indication of understanding SEO. Clean code, use of & - no idea why or how this could help at all.
  10. deadmix

    deadmix New Member

    As the moderators didn't publied my last reply, i get back to this conversation :

    First approach in SEO is the website Source Code, clean code is the first step in website Optimization, if you think you are a SEO Senior link8r, you should know that performance is a ranking factor and it's not me who say that, all seo companies and even matt cutts said that in april last year and i guess you don't know more than them !!
    Our friend website show 150 Errors, so he need to Clean his Website, and when i talk about & i Said : He don't have to use such Characters because the Bots don't take them in Concideration, &,♫,ö..etc Will never be taken when the Bots Crawl the website :)

    So now i hope you understand SEO Senior :)
  11. link8r

    link8r New Member

    My site shows even more errors. Clean code isn't critical to site performance. You're drawing conclusions that you think you've understood the advice from the Search Quality team.

    The simple matter is that this user's site has no authority and clean code cannot compensate for that.
  12. deadmix

    deadmix New Member

    but simple matter can make difference when they are good oriented and managed in a way to get the website"s performence more flexible for serach engine's bots crawling...

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