What do you do to relax?

Discussion in 'Work / Life Balance' started by mneylon, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. johnjc

    johnjc New Member

    Get a cup of tea and watch some comedy on comedy channel. Simple but effective.
  2. stephen186

    stephen186 New Member

    I generally listen my favorite music with a cup of tea or coffee..
  3. shobe

    shobe New Member

    I drink a cup of Lingzhi Coffee while at the beach with my family....
  4. links03rjean

    links03rjean New Member

    hi am new here..

    what i do when i want to relax is to take a long nap..:D
  5. neweb

    neweb New Member

    Play Xbox with 2 of my kids.

    Call of Duty 4 and 5
    They kick my arse in both but we have great crack most evening.

    Other then that hurling and GAA training with the two eldest. They train and I chase the little 5 year old around the pitch :)
  6. murrc2

    murrc2 New Member

    Definatly has to be kicking of the shoes, lying up on the coach and watching a good movie. But thats not very often im online most of the day every day :D
  7. sambuff33

    sambuff33 New Member

    DVD marathon.. that's my relaxation..

    and just sitting doing nothing w/ my partner (almost heaven)!!!
  8. OnOffer.ie

    OnOffer.ie New Member

    Gym or Bootcamp really is a great stress reliever!
  9. maco

    maco New Member

    A long nice walk on a nice day and good dvd movie on a dull day . . .
  10. CaliMcGinley

    CaliMcGinley New Member

    If can find time go surfing, paddle out past the waves and just sit on board watching everything go by.


    Take car out around lough gill, finding the grove where you can glide thru bends and nice speed without driving needing to brake hard or down gear.
  11. crystalbox

    crystalbox New Member

    sleep all day
  12. crystalbox

    crystalbox New Member

    and listen to enya
  13. saviourdlima

    saviourdlima New Member

    Do something different, like rearrange a room or your office, or hang out with an old friend. Or just talk to someone about how you feel and why you feel that way. Anything to break the mold will change your perspective and leave you feeling refreshed.
  14. blackcat

    blackcat New Member

    A good movie, nice music or just a short nap can do miracles...
  15. flower

    flower New Member

    Could you agree with me?

    I think no matter what kind of method to achieve the relex goal, we feel very happy, I like walking relatively.This can be close to nature
  16. sheesh

    sheesh New Member

    I fish!
    Go for a walk.

    I also sing in a choir, which is alot better than it sounds.
  17. pathmakerserves

    pathmakerserves New Member

    I go shopping. It relaxes me.
  18. I4Visual

    I4Visual New Member

    There are a few things I do to relax, but mainly I would say;
    Watch a movie or listen to music.
    other then that there's drawing and talking to the gf
  19. Trevor

    Trevor New Member

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  20. firesky

    firesky New Member

    I like to relax in the evening by drinking a cold beer or glass of wine in front of the tv (if something engaging on the tv ie history channel, national geographic, if pistachios in the cupboard bonus) that's if I manage to get back out of bed after telling a bedtime story to the kids!

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