What Music are you listening to?

Discussion in 'Off topic discussion' started by mneylon, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    I'm currently listening to a few soundtracks:
    The Last Samurai

    What about the rest of you?

    (You can see how bad my taste in music is via my last.fm profile!)
  2. gav240z

    gav240z New Member

    Music tastes

    Hmm lets see at the moment its mostly:

    David Bowie
    Pink Floyd
    Thin Lizzy
  3. jmcc

    jmcc Active Member

    Pink Floyd (for programming work).
    Vivaldi (for even more serious programming work).
    Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    Various Baroque/Pre-Baroque Composers.
    Some Medieval/Renaissance stuff.
    Some Jazz.
    The Shamen.
    The Chieftans.
    Cafe Del Mar.
    Some weird stuff that I forgot to label.

    And when I am doing research on potential opposition - The Goldberg Variations. [1]

    [1] Anyone interested in movies should get the joke. ;)
  4. Briask

    Briask New Member

    While working, its mostly classical / instrumental, not fussy really as long as I can tune out the world.
    At home, working on the more enjoyable job, mostly listen online to Classical Music Radio Station - Classic fm

    Vangelis, Enio Morricone, John Williams would feature too.

    For some reason also like this guy, heard him first on LiveDrive on DublinCity FM while stuck in traffic... Go figure!
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8PZ8-cpWc4"]YouTube - Final Fantasy - This Is The Dream Of Win And Regine[/ame]
  5. jennyrusks

    jennyrusks New Member

    I just love the Kings of Leon at the moment. Also;
    Crowded House
    Sinead O'Connor
    Amelie Soundtrack
    Road to Perdition Soundtrack
    The "2"
    Amy Winehouse
    Tom Baxter (in particular the song "better")
  6. n3tFl0w

    n3tFl0w New Member

    Listening to a lot (And I mean a lot!) of Pearl Jam at the minute. During work my music tends to be a good bit heavier as it matches how manic my job is at the minute! I get pretty irritated by slower stuff while im busy.

    Like jmcc, I like a bit of Creedence - CCR are excellent to have around but only for a couple of songs! They have some awful crap aswell.

    Fear Factory get a good amount of playtime and korn, in flames, machinehead, and the like all get a look in too.
  7. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Nice to see I'm not the only one with eclectic tastes!
  8. Forbairt

    Forbairt Portfolio Building

    Right this instance ... I'm listening to Pink Noise ... (60 minutes of actual noise) ... I find it quite calming for work

    In the past few days I've been listening I guess to whats on my Last.fm profile

    - William Orbit
    - Shpongle
    - Ayria
    - Fear Factory
    - Seabound
    - Juno Reactor
    - Scooter
    - Megadeth
    - The National
    - Rotersand
    - Mike Oldfield
    - Infected Mushroom
    And so on ... not too much into the indy / metal these days ... though I did just discover how much I like the National...

    I'm also waiting on Emmett over on Music For Media to finish "Asteroids" its driving me up the wall that its not finished :D

    Apart from that I'll be trying to head to some sort of Trad Session tonight as a friend is up from galway.

    edit: last fm image thingy idea thanks to mirrors profile on boards.

  9. Cormac

    Cormac New Member

    I am currently hearting and listening to...
    [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=fAWurnyKZUM"]Whitest Boy Alive - Buring[/ame]
    [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=bIEOZCcaXzE"]MGMT - Kids[/ame]
    [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q-izg6Mn8co"]My Morning Jacket - Off the Record[/ame]
    [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=TSdeDJUxF-0"]Friendly Fires - Paris[/ame]
    Love them all. Can't wait for Friendly Fires debut album.
  10. aarathy

    aarathy New Member

    Now i am listening Titanic's famous song "My Heart will go on" by Celine Dion. Titanic is the most romantic movie on the world. I always cry when i see this movie. This song is really touch our heart.

    Bindu Jaisankar
  11. TheMenace

    TheMenace New Member

    Have been pretty much listening to Interpol non-stop and exclusively for about a year. I think I have a problem.
  12. jaibin

    jaibin New Member

    Now i am listening to "Miles Away' a song by Madonna. It is a song from her album hard candy. This song reveals a long distance relationship. I like this song very much.
  13. starindia

    starindia New Member

    I also listen to Hindi film songs.I hear mostly all types of songs.I am a great fan of A.R.Rahman and I really like to hear all his songs.
  14. Spangoo

    Spangoo New Member

    New Kid Rock Album is very good, alot softer and a bit more commercial than his usual offerings however there are a few head bangers on there like you'd be used to from him.

    apart from that:

    James Blunt
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Cradle of Filth
    Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
    Van Morrison
    The Beatles
  15. cmcsoft

    cmcsoft New Member

    My favourite band at the moment are Snow Patrol so listening to a lot of their stuff. The Killers as well
  16. MH-Dolly

    MH-Dolly New Member

    I am listening orthodox music and classic music only!
  17. wenczmastah

    wenczmastah New Member

    im listening mostly on hiphop/rnb songs.. But sometimes im up for alternative rock :p0
  18. Zascar

    Zascar New Member

    If anyone here is into house, electro, minimal or techno, I record mixes and put them on my blog here: mixblog /// colly

    Also, I put this site together a while back - just full of Irish DJ mixes: www.irishdjforum.com/blog

  19. Juice

    Juice New Member

    I'm currently listening to these in rotation:

    Grace Jones - Hurricane
    Röyksopp - The Understanding
    Róisín Murphy - Overpowered

    Loving Róisín Murphy in particular.
  20. Zascar

    Zascar New Member

    Roisin Murphy rocks, i've always loved Never Enough - here is a really nice remix: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4SaZ4YiPfA]YouTube - Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy - Never Enough (Remix)[/ame]

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