What Music are you listening to?

Discussion in 'Off topic discussion' started by mneylon, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. writie

    writie New Member

    Ah, fond memories! No Dreadzone are (were?) from London. The Easy Star All Stars are a New York outfit.

  2. dominicfilip

    dominicfilip New Member

    At present i am listening to "Meet me half way" by "Black eyed peas" its a great song.....
  3. synapsis

    synapsis New Member

    Ever since I left the life on the road with a band I've spent more time in silence only because I'm sick of constantly hearing music for almost 24 hours a day at deafening levels :p. However when I do get some down time, I've been spending it listening to more new bands than older ones like MGMT and Phoenix right now.
  4. saviourdlima

    saviourdlima New Member

    Recently I am listning...
    Hero - Enrique Iglesias
    Uptown girl - Westlife
    All rise - Blue
    It's my life - Bon Jovi
    Summer of 69 - Bryan adams
    If tomarrow never comes - Ronan Keating
  5. jsweb

    jsweb New Member

    Just dug out an old RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE cd - a window popped up in my mail manager this morning reminding me that I had booked tickets to see them at the O2 venue Dublin tonight....had totally forgotten!!

    "F**K you my PC will do what it tells me" ;)
  6. ammjanifar

    ammjanifar New Member

    em listening No promises by SHayne ward....
  7. seaking

    seaking New Member

    I am listening to Disturbed and Three days Grace so much these days ... That all gives me motivation.

  8. vo4u

    vo4u New Member

    At the moment I'm listening to songs by Bruno Mars
  9. drilling123

    drilling123 New Member

    I am currently listening to Bruno Mars.
  10. costuk123

    costuk123 New Member

    At the moment i'm listening to King of Leon and Bruno Mars

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