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The security around the Google buildings is fairly tight and you won't be able to just wander around the place :)
I was pretty impressed by the Google Adsense event. There were around 90 publishers from 26 different countries. I was probably one of the smallest publishers there, so I felt I was pretty lucky to be there. The event was on the 13th floor of the new Google Montevetro building, so the views were pretty impressive too.

I posted a blog on the event, focusing on the Adsense optimisation side of things Adsense Optimisation Google Adsense Event # 1 « Andrew Harkness. Some of the tips I was pretty familiar already, but some tips were completely new... for example the ad unit that come top in your code will be the one that receives the best CPC (top tip!!).
The urinal wasn't the only thing I saw. I did some Google fella on a scooter whizzing around the office, lots of flags, and a few peculiar exotic hats (I think the idea is that employees can wear a national hat if they so wish). I don't think we were supposed to take pictures on that floor though... although I'm sure you all have scooters and funny hats at Blacknight too!! :)
Not open for further replies.
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