Adwords Tools for OSX?

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More of an analytics tool...

My experience with PPC management tools is that they are a waste of time. Unless you have a huge account with thousands of keywords.

They offer more confusion than they do help, however that is my experience with only really 1 PPC tool provider.

Is there anything specific you are looking for in terms of functionality?

Slightly off topic / but also on topic I found QuRegExmm a great tool for MAC OSX for testing RegEx. I use it for Google Analytics filter / goal / funnel configurations.

My opinion though is that to manage a PPC campaign properly you should use your Web Analytics software to help you optimise account performance.

* I realise I'm full of opinions today :).


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The kind of thing I'm thinking of is using something like Hittail in combination with Adwords for a couple of projects, so the number of keyphrases would be quite high. I've never liked the online system that much ...
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