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HTML email is the use of a subset of HTML to provide formatting and semantic markup capabilities in email that are not available with plain text. Most email consumers support HTML email, many of these people include an editor for composing HTML emails and a rendering engine for displaying received HTML emails. A regular email would just be plain text, no different fonts or bold effects for example. Also photos would only be attached not shown within the body of the email. HTML email is more like a webpage so you can have much more control over the layout. So you would have different fonts, text sizes, images, tables, embedded video and much more. They carry the HTML code to do all that in the email. Most emails you get will be HTML based. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo are all email clients which display the email whether it is HTML or plain text. HTML email training is essential for your understanding on how things work.

Once you have took in all that information you will then be ready write and test emails. You will learn which tools to use and then test HTML emails. On HTML email training you will also learn how to layer out and format HTML newsletters, how to understand tables. You will get to understand how to use fonts and colours and how to use inline styles. And if that's not enough for you, you get to learn about trouble shooting HTML email layouts, get an understanding of spam filters and how to create responsive layouts for mobiles. A lot of people are always on the go, constantly busy with no time to sit at a desk and create an important email. With HTML email training you will have the knowledge to be able to send via your mobile phone, ipad or any other mobile device you carry.

As we can see the HTML email training covers so much information but is broken down so that you can fully understand and use correctly no matter where you are. You will have the ability to be sat on a train whilst going on a business trip and be able to send an email that is not just in plain text. Make your email stand out from the rest when you send an email to catch the eye of new potential clients or simply show friends and family there is so much more to sending an email. We can clearly see the difference with HTML email as with HTML email you can send much more than a plain text. You can create more of a web page to get your message across. Are you intrigued by the learning? Do you want to understand the concepts? Do you want to come in to a world where plain text doesn't exist? Then look for your training opportunity.

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