1. P

    Advice For A New Business

    Hi all.. I am a freelance web designer based in the south-east. I am in business only a short period and was looking for advice on aquiring more work. I have a portfolio of clients that I have done work for and they are all happy with the work I have done and have got me new business from...
  2. M

    Lag in pausing campaigns?

    Is there some kind of lag in pausing adwords campaigns? Was check rankings earlier for some keywords, didn't want to affect impressions, so paused all relevant campaigns. Checked a few SERPs manually, and my ads still showed up. Given the massive jump in impressions, I think the bloody...
  3. I

    Sos on SEO for Google.ie

    Hi, I have two website which I have been trying to get onto the front page of google.ie One is 12 months old, another 2 months old which has the keyword in the URL. If anyone had 60 seconds for feedback I would really appreciate it. Have spent all money on photography and web development so...
  4. F

    Let's Solve All Our Technical Problems Forever

    If we're wrestling with technical problems related to webmastering, here's what the real problem is, and how to solve it. Webmaster forums are filled to overflowing with millions of online publishers asking an endless number of technical questions. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a button we...
  5. R

    Best value SEO software

    What is the best value SEO software out there at the moment? I have currently got a lot busier with the SEO side of my job and I am finding myself restricted by the free versions of SEO Power Suite and also by the free version of Traffic Travis. I find SEO Power Suite good but I'm not sure...
  6. P

    Time to move to dedicated hosting?

    We run a zen-cart store, and our traffic has been building steadily for the last year. Recently I have been doing speed tests on the site while while at times loading times are fine, other times it's very bad (the woes of being on a shared server). We want to have better/ consistent...
  7. B

    website re-design / mapping / 301'ing

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with mapping websites from old design to new design where urls have changed, In particular the affects of 301'ing or not 301'ing eg: example.ie/about-us to example.ie/about example.ie/products-list to example.ie/products I have been doing extensive research...
  8. J

    .net or a php framework

    I'm embarking on creating a web application. It will be a facebook app to start and then have a web services layer to expose it to iphone and android apps. Having a bit of a debate with a colleague on what to develop it on. My preference has always been for PHP, but he prefers .NET. I've...
  9. S

    New Site selling links, let me know what you think :)

    i guys, Intend to start selling links direct to Joe public instead of agencies, so am launching new site with low priced packages. Can you have a look and let me know what you think. Looking for feedback on design and usability please, haven't carried out onsite SEO or link building on the...
  10. R

    for merchants - how to recruit affiliates

    I'm selling my information marketing business and "quitting" after 6+ years. No big drama reasons. No need to dig up conspiracy theories. I'm just changing gears. It's been fun but I'm moving onto other focuses... With that in mind, I've been sending some "closing out" emails to my in-house...
  11. S

    VPS or dedicated????

    Currently only have a VPS in Ireland for clients, which def cant hold anymore. Would I be better with a dedicated solutions for Ecommerce sites, or more VPS (1 per client - expensive)
  12. php.allstar

    Simon Kinsella .ie - Web development blog and portfolio

    Hi I've been developing websites for about 10 years now, so I thought it would finally be a good time to create one for myself! I'm trying to market myself as a web developer in Gorey, Co. Wexford. Would like a you to give the site a review, mainly from an SEO standpoint but would love to read...
  13. D

    5 warning signs of a bad SEO client

    Hi All, Came across this great little post about warning signs of a bad SEO client. Basically the kind of client that is not going to be worth it regardless of the fee. Here is a link to the post Here are the top 5 1. They name-drop books, blogs, and other SEO-related materials in...
  14. trickobrien

    Where Do Irish Businesses Spend Their Online Advertising Budget

    Seems like its all Adwords,Facebook,Tradedoubler possibly CJ Isnt there a big enough market for an Irish affiliate website?
  15. V

    Getting Irish Business Online - any stats available on the update?

    Are there any statistics available on the uptake of this initiative? Anyone feeling the benefit or otherwise of the anticipated "ripple effect" yet?
  16. S

    Need web help please!!!!

    hi, i starting two projects soon ,A gaming website and A social network website but my main focus is the gaming one becuase i want to luanch it before the big game titles are released so attract more traffic so iam looking for people to help me design it and mantain it .i am new to web design...
  17. D

    Creating Simple Web Store using tumblr

    Hi, I am creating a simple web store, and have been toying with the idea of using tumblr. Before that I had chosen a nice wordpress theme, and was ready to get hosting and use that, but in these recessionary times, I thought it might be more prudent to simply use a freely hosted tumblr page...
  18. mneylon

    Facebook Marketing Showcase / Community

    This looks like it might become a popular place to get some inspiration: Facebook Studio :: Homepage
  19. mneylon

    Why Whitehat SEO Is Better

    Excellent article on Seomoz's blog on why whitehat SEO tactics are better than blackhat ones: White Hat SEO: It F@$#ing Works | SEOmoz
  20. Zascar

    Looking for a mentor!

    Hey guys. Bit of a strange question here but I thought I'd throw it in anyway and see what comes of it. I know there are a lot of real web pro's on this forum - and I'm wondering would anyone be willing to act as my effective "Mentor"? Long story short I've just started on the launch of a new...